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Which is bigger 6 yards or 20 feet

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Q: How do you convert liters of soil or compost to pounds?
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How much compost makes a bag of soil?

Forty (40) pounds (18.14 kilograms) is the amount of compost that is needed to fill an empty bag of soil. A bag that intends to hold compost and soil may have just 8 pounds (3.63 kilograms) of compost and 32 pounds (14.52 kilograms) of soil. The general ratio of compost to soil tends not to rise above a maximum of 20 percent in most cases.

What do rollie polies eat?

They eat compost and soil because compost is soil and soil is compost.

How many pounds equal 56 liters of soil?


What are the benefits of a compost?

Compost adds nutrients to the soil and loosens the soil.

Can you put soil in compost?

Yes, you can put soil in compost. But try to use soft soil not hard rocky soil

Why does compost help the soil?

Compost adds nutrients and phytonutrients to the soil and also makes the soil looser and easier to work.

Why do plants need compost?

Plants do not need compost, compost is a soil conditioner and will improve the soil structure and the plants will benefit and grow better.

How can you use compost?

Compost is used to enhance the soil and add nutrients, either by mixing it into the soil, adding it to the soil as the seeds or plants are sown, or making a compost tea and watering plants with it.

Is soil and compost similar or the same?

They are "similar" - kind of part and parcel of one another - but they are not the same. Soil is a mixture of varying proportions of sand, silt, clay and organic matter. Compost is fully broken down organic matter - the "black gold" of good soil. The very best soil for growing will have a high percentage of compost, or "humus". Hence, compost by itself is a very important part of good soil. But compost by itself is not "soil".

What plants grow faster with soil or compost?


Could compost turn into soil?

Yes. When you compost something, it breaks down and returns nutrients to the soil.

How long does it take to turn compost into soil?

The process of turning compost into soil is complex. It includes various steps to fully complete the transformation. Therefore the duration to produce soil takes time. It is estimated that it take about 2-3 months to turn compost into soil.

Are more nutrients produced in soil with compost or without?

Soil with compost has a high nutrient level and also has a higher yield.

What can manure and compost replace?

Manure and compost can replace soil or dirt.

Can soil with compost help peas produce more?

Yes. We can assume that soil with compost will help everything grow better, but with peas and other legumes, compost is essential. The reason is that legumes are plants that incorporate soil bacteria in their roots in order to fix nitrogen. These bacteria are found in compost. If you don't have compost, you can order nitrogen fixing bacteria from many organic companies. They are sold as Garden Soil Inoculant from for 8.95

How do red wigglers make compost what can you do with the compost?

Earthworms eat soil- as it passes through their body, they digest bits of food, and excrete the rest of the soil, with their waste products. The compost is excellent for any plants. Mix it with the soil around the plants.

What type of soil for growing cucumbers?

We grow ours directly into "worked soil" (a compost that has been tilled into the earth.) Potting soil could be used in place of compost.

What are the benefits and uses of compost?

Improvements in soil fertility, moisture, structure and texture are the benefits of compost. Compost is the dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich organic material that is human-guided and Mother Nature-made. Its uses therefore range from soil amendments to soil fertilizer and mulch.

Can you compost ashes?

you can add ashes to compost. stictly speaking they do not compost but they add potasium which is good for soil structure

How can you improve soil for gardening?

The best way to improve soil for gardening is to use compost. Plants need food and it is better to use compost than fertilizer as long as the compost is aged and the right type for the plant. Test your soil and know what you need.

How much compost is needed to grow tomatoes?

Five to eight pounds (25 to 40 kilograms) per square meter is the amount of compost for growing tomatoes. Dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich organic matter called compost or humus must be incorporated into the top three inches (7.62 centimeters) of soil. Other than the initial mix into the soil, compost serves as a three- to four-inch- (7.62- to 10.16-centimeter) high mulch if need be.

Will a plant grow better in potting soil or compost?

Compost Potting soil is specially produced to grow pot plants. Compost is decayed vegetable matter and is too rich on its own to grow pot plants. So potting soil is better for pot plants. Potting compost is a different thing, it is another name for potting soil.

What is good to compost into soil?

The compost is nutritious and gives important minerals and natural fertilizer to the soil. It enriches the soil and helps plants grow better than without compost. Also it's organic unlike fertilizers. -Super Llama

What does compost turn into?


What would be the best composition of soil for plants?

compost soil