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How do you convert minus eyesight such as -4.50 into the proper 20 20 scale?

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get laser surgery

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How do you convert minus eye sight such as -4.50 into the proper 2020 scale?


How do you you convert 16 of an inch from an architectural scale to an engineering scale?

1/16 convert to engineering scale, 1 divided by 16 = 0.0625" 0.0625" (architectural) divided by (12 in/feet) (to convert to engineering scale) = 0.0052" in engineering scale

Convert 240 K and 468 K to the Celsius scale?

Convert 240 k to the celsius scale

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How do you convert a direct statement scale to a linear scale?

by dete

How do you figure out what your eyesight is on a 2020 scale if your contact prescription is -30?

You may have an astigmatism.

What is methane's freezing point on the Celsius scale?

it's MINUS 182.5

What is the formula to convert CGPA in to percentage on 10 scale?

Wt is the formula to convert cgpa to percentage in 10 point scale

How do you convert percentage GPA to 5.0 scale?

3.7 GPA to 5.0 scale

When does water freeze on the Rankine scale?

461.67 R to convert from celcius scale: 0R = (0C + 273.15) x 9/5 to convert from Fahrenheit scale: 0R = 0F + 459.67

What is minus 250 degrees to minus 450 degrees called on the Fahrenheit temperature scale?

There is no specific name for the range.

How do you convert a 3.36 GPA on a 5 pt scale to a 4 point scale?


What is the absolute zero in the celsius scale?

Minus 273.15 degrees Celsius.

How were the Lilliputians affected by the fact that their eyesight was adapted to their scale?

the could see tiny things better than gulliver

What is 0 on a kelvin scale?

That is called absolute zero; temperature can't go below that. At absolute zero, matter has the least possible amount of thermal energy. To convert to the common scale, just subtract 273: 0 degrees Kelvin is minus 273 degrees Celsius (Centigrade).

What is 87.0 kelvin converted to Celsius?

The answer is -186.15 C (approx.). The Kelvin scale starts at absolute zero and is used in scientific laboratories. Celsius is for general use and set 0 and 100 as melting and boiling point of water respectively. To convert from K to C, subtract 273.15 from K.Subtract Kelvin minus 273.15 to convert to Celsius.

How do you convert shore scale c to Rockwell scale c?

You can check out the related link below.

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How do you convert fabric to garment?

small scale industry

How do you convert Rockwell b scale to c scale?

You dont. Minimum C is about maximum B. And the indentation is different. Even if you could convert it, the results would not be accurate.

Convert this temperature to the Kelvin scale -146Γ΄ C?

To convert any temperature to the kelvin scale, when its in oC add on 273. so in answer to your question, -146oC = 127K

What letter grade is 2.75gpa on a 4 point scale?

It is a B- (B minus)


Yes - at minus 40 degrees (either scale).