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Unfortunately, this is not possible since MIDI files are not music files at all. They are instructions to the midi synth in your computer to play certain tones. Because music files (.WAV, .MP3) were created manually, they may have tones (like vocals) that can't be synthesized. Also, even if the tones could be synthesized, like if your file was just a keyboard track, software won't know how to tell the midi synthesizer which tones you want it to reproduce. Your best bet would be to play it again, creating is as a MIDI file. You need special equipment to do this, but that's another question.

You could try looking for an online file converter, but converting in this direction does not exist.

Going the other way is possible, since that would take the instructions from the .MID file and instrument samples from a sample library and essentially "play" the file into another format such as .WAV.

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Q: How do you convert music files into midi files?
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How do you convert mp3 files to midi files?

Short answer is you cant. Think of an mp3 as a recorded act of music, and a midi as a piece of sheet music. The only way to convert would be to listen to the mp3, and create a midi from what you hear. There are things called pitchriders that can convert a simple sound like a single guitar string or a note from a clarinet into a midi note number, but these are simple waveforms. An mp3 recording of a song is a very complex waveform which would confuse a pitchrider.

How do yo change a music file type?

Use your audio editor and choose Save As. You can convert audio files into other forms, but MIDI files cannot be converted to audio files.

Allows music or midi files to be heard from the computer?


What files can cubase read as midi?

...midi files.

Which software that convert music from songs?

You can convert your music files from

Why can't my rant open received midi files?

It doesn't play midi files

How do you convert a music record into a MIDI file so you can upload it to VG music?

You should be able to download a MIDI converter or use an online one. Most music writing software also has that ability.

How does a midi to USB cables work and what would I use it for?

Midi to USB cables run from some sort of musical device (electronic keyboard, electric guitar, etc) to a USB port on your computer. You can use it to transfer midi files (music files) into your computer.

Where can a person download video game midi files?

VG Music boasts over 30, 000 video game midi files which are available for a person to download. They have files for classic systems like NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega and N64.

How do you convert CD files into midi files?

Converting CD files to MIDI Files cannot be done. A CD file is an audio file, mixed to 2 track stereo and in a completely different format to the raw data file that is a MIDI File.However, if you have the legal right to do so. This means have rights to the copyright you can play the cd (assuming its content is audio) on a computer that has a audio software package on board which will save its recording in the format you want. However, it IS stressed. This is illegal if you are attempting to do this with pre-recorded music which you do not own or have copyright to.

Where can you download only melody of a music?

Use google and search for midi files or instrumental mp3's.

Application of midi file in multimedia applications?

MIDI files are a convenient way to add music to a multimedia presentation without needing to occupy a lot of file space.

How do you convert ogg files to mid files?

Converting a mixed track from multiple instruments to midi is not possible----A midi is a specific type of file--a certain type of sound wave (i.e. one that sounds like a piano or trombone, for example) with a set pattern of notes. You make midis by using a sheet music software such as MuseScore or Notation Composer. It is also possible to convert midis to mp3 format. However, it is NOT possible to reverse theconversion. Once a midi is converted to mp3, it loses all data specific to midis that makes the filecompatibleas a midi. Therefore, it is a one-way process, and you cannot convert any type of file to midi (midi is the "full acronym" for .mid files, by the way) as far as I know.I hope that helps and is understandable! If not, think of it as burning something: you can burn a piece of paper, but you can't freeze ash back into paper. :)(Did I also mention I'm fifteen?)

Is it possible to convert AAC music files to MP3 music files?

yes, you can try online services like

Is downloading MIDI files illegal?

Many MIDI files on the internet are free and legal to download. Theoretically, a MIDI version of a popular song could be called a "derivative work" and be considered a form of copyright infringement, but I doubt that anyone cares that much about MIDI files anymore.

How do you convert midi files into music files?

This isn't as simple as it sounds.. as it's almost like asking how to turn an apple into an orange. MIDI files only contain performance information. Tempo, notes played, their velocity and duration other performance related data. Think of a MIDI file as a player piano's roll of paper with the holes in it. Useless by itself. What you need is a software application can can first open this file and then assign sounds to each of the 'tracks' of data. Sometimes this can be deceiving. As an example, if you open a MIDI file in Quicktime - you'll hear sounds. But that's **not** sounds from the MIDI file, but instead from an internal 'general MIDI soundset' triggered from that MIDI within quicktime. Quicktime pro might allow you to save this as an audio file - such as MP3, AIF and WAV formats.

When were midi files invented?


Can you convert midi to mp3?

A person can convert a MIDI to an MP3 by Zamazar. This is an online conversion program that is available for free.

Is there a free mp3 to midi converter?

IntelliScore Polyphonic WAV to MIDI can you use to convert mp3 to midi. But the demo only lets you convert the first 15 seconds.

How can you convert a gp5 file to mp3 file?

Just Export as MIDI file.. Then, convert MIDI file to Mp3 file.

When was Midi Modern Music Festival created?

Midi Modern Music Festival was created in 1997.

When was Beijing Midi School of Music created?

Beijing Midi School of Music was created in 1993.

What do you use to play midi files?


What are MIDI files?

it is a standard song file

What file format can fl studio import from and export to?

FL Studio can import MIDI files and export WAV, MP3, OGG and MIDI files.