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1 mcg vitamin D (cholecalciferol) = 40 IU

Let´s say you have 300 IU of vitamin D: 300 / 40 = 7,5 mcg vit. D

Then you would have to convert 7,5 mcg to mg: 7,5 / 1000 = 0,0075 mg vitamin D.

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Q: How do you convert vitamin D IU to mg?
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Convert 1200 IU of vitamin D MG?

Ans: 0.3 mg = 1,200 i.u...... 1 mg = 40,000 iu

Is 1000 Iu Vitamin d the same as vitamin d 1000 mg?

Is a 1000 IU Vitamin D the same as 1000 mg of Vitamin D

1.25 mg of vitamin D is how much iu of Vitamin D?

50000 iu

How do you convert 50000 iu of vitamin d to mg?

1 IU of Vitamin D equals 0.025 μg (microgram - one millionth of a gram). 50,000 × 0.025 = 1,250 μg So, 50,000 IU is about 1.25 mg.

How do you convert 200 iu of vitamin d to mg?

How many mg of vitamin d equals 50000 iu of vitamin d?

1.25 Mg

1 mg of vitamin D is how many IU?

40000 iu

How many mgs in 2000iu for vitamin d?

Keep in mind that conversions from IU to mg are specific for each vitamin, so this formula/answer is only applicable for Vitamin D. You first have to convert the 2,000 IU into mcg. Each IU of Vitamin D is equal to 40 mcg, so you divide 2,000 by 40 which equals 50. Then you have to convert the mcg amount into mg which you do by dividing the mcg amount by 100. In this case 50 divided by 100, which equals 0.5, which means that 2,000 IU of Vitamin D is 0.5 mg

How do you convert 1058 iu of vitamin a to mg of vitamin a?

1000 IU Vitamin D = 25 mcg Vitamin D = 0.025 mg Vitmain D. to convert IU of vitamin D divide by 40 to get mcg, divide by 40,000 to get mg. The minimum daily requirements for vitamin D have been markedly increased recently, and there is great confusion since the commercial products are still labeled as IU (International Units) while the research papers are stated in units of ug (micrograms) and mg. I spotted many unanswered questions regarding this conversion factor. *I need conversion to/from a measure that looks like ug, where the u has a tail like a lower case p. Is this the same as IU or what? How much is 100 u(plustail)g Vitamin D?

1.25 mg would be equivalent to how may iu of vitamin d?

1.25 mg is the equivalent of 50,000 IU.

How many mg is 1000 iu of vitamin D?


How do you convert 400 International Units of Vitamin E into mg?

One IU = 2/3 mg of d-alpha-tocopherol (Vit E active), so 400 IU = (400IU)(2/3 mg/IU) = 266.67 mg

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