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Simple. turn of the chlorine generator and pretend there is fresh water in there as time wears on the salt will get weaker and weaker.

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Q: How do you convert your inground pool from salt to chlorinated water?
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How do you convert a saltwater pool to a chlorinated pool?

Add alot of iodine

Will chlorinated pool water kill plants?

yes chlorinated water will kill plants

When chlorine compounds are dissolved in pool water What is pool water?


Can I add salt to a chlorinated pool to act as antifreeze?

Yes salt water pools are chlorinated pool any way.

Does a salt water pool or a chlorinated pool attract more mosquitoes?

stagnet or still water attracts mosquitos weather salt brackish or chlorine Not your pool. A salt water pool IS a chlorinated pool if the system is working properly.

When chlorine compounds are dissolved in pool water what is water?


How many gallons of water in the star dust inground swimming pool?

How big is the star dust inground swimming pool.

Is it expensive to convert an inground pool from chlorine to salt?

Yes around 1000.00 You have to buy a salt water filter system. Call any pool supply store.

How do you remove excess rain water in inground pool?

To remove excess rain water in an inground pool, you likely want to get a filter. You can also install a drain at the very bottom of the pool, but this will need to be closed if there were water in the pool for swimming.

Does swimming in a chlorinated pool cause skin darkening?

yes, chlorinated water does cause skin darkening

Can you change a chlorinated pool to salt water with out draining it?

Yes there is no need to drain a chlorinated pool to change it to salt water pool all you have to do is add the salt install the new equipment and run it as usual.

Can Hand Foot and Mouth Disease survive in a chlorinated swimming pool?

No HFMD can not survive in Chlorinated water. Actually the chlorinated water will help Sue M MD

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