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If the girl in question likes you then you won't need to convince her to let you be her boyfriend, you must wait for the signs to see if you think she is interested, let the girl make the move, don't be pushy, be patient.

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Q: How do you convince a girl to like you as a boyfriend?
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Related questions

What if your in love with this girl who has a boyfriend how do you convince her that your better than her boyfriend now?

don't try and convince her, just let her choose, because really its her decision and its really low to try and talk down about her bf and she might take it personal

How does a girl 11 years old convince her 12 boyfriend to kiss her?

Smile a lot and hold his hand. He should get the message.

How do you convince your boyfriend you wont hurt him like his ex did?

You prove it to him. You don't just say it, do it.

What do i do when I like a girl that has a boyfriend?

Wait until the girl and her boyfriend break up to tell her how you feel.

You like a girl but you have a boyfriend and the relationship is going nowhere?

Does the girl know you like her? How long have you an and your boyfriend been together? And are you asking what should you do?

How do I convince my difficult over-protective older brother that my boyfriend loves me and is right for me and how to make him like my boyfriend?

First show your brother all nice things your boyfriend is and if he still doesn't like him tell you brother to talk to your boyfriend so your brother can get to know him. And he should like you boyfriend after he gets to know him

What is one directions song more than this about?

Wanting to love a girl who already has a boyfriend,and trying to convince her that he can love her more than him.

How do you convince boyfriend of marriage?

If you need to 'convince' him, he will likely be unhappy.

What do you do if you like a girl and she likes you to but she has a boyfriend she likes to?

Then she has to choose you or her boyfriend.

How do you convince parents et you marry your boyfriend?

Convince them that he is the ONE for you. If your parents think he is not protective then act like you are gonna get hurt and make him "save" you in frount of your parents. -Ashlee17

What if you like a girl but she have a boyfriend?

Wait till she doesn't have a boyfriend or move on

How do you get a girl to like you when she has a boyfriend?

Try an show her how cool you are compared to her boyfriend

How should a girl feel about her boyfriend?

If he is her boyfriend, hopefully, she would like him.

How do you get a girl that already has a boyfriend to like you?

Treat her better than her boyfriend does.

Can a girl still like another guy even if she has a boyfriend?

A girl can still like a boy even if she has a boyfriend. But she might not break up with her boyfriend. To tell if a girl likes you, she might smile at you alot, want to sit near you and ask her friends about you.

How do you get a boy dressed like a girl?

convince them it is just dyed clothing

How do you get a girl you like to kiss you even if she already has a boyfriend?

If she already has a boyfriend, it is not a good idea to try to get her to kiss you. It is a much wiser decision to find a girl who does not have a boyfriend.

What does it mean when a girl trusts you more than there own boyfriend?

It means that they like you more then they like there boyfriend

What do you do when your boyfriend thinks that he needs to change when you say he doesn't?

all you need to do is try to convince him that he is loved by the girl and the guy makes you happy just the way he is

You like a girl that aready has a boyfriend that you dont like what do you do?

fight the other kid and take the girl

What to do if a boy you like has a girl friend?

you make a girl jealous and the girl will hate her boyfriend and follow you as her boyfriend and listen to that song Justin bieber one time

My coworker has a boyfriend how can you flirt with her?

Do not make it look obivous and if the girl like you she will brake up with her boyfriend and might like you.

This Girl you like has a Boyfriend and you like her What do you do?

Find a way to impress her.

A girl has a boyfriend but seems to really like me Might she really like you or just like you as a friend?

Most likely the girl likes you as a friend. However, there is some chance that she could like you as a boyfriend. But here's the you really want to be with a girl who has a boyfriend, but is sending out signals that she might like you (or someone else) as a boyfriend while she is still in a relationship? For now, I suggest that you just remain friends with her. Then you can see how it goes. If she breaks up with her current boyfriend, you'll have a better idea of her intentions.

I like this girl but she's with someone else?

convince her she made the wrong decision