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How do you convince a guy that just wants to be friends to like you?


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You can't really convince someone to like you. Just be yourself, and if he still doesn't like you, then maybe its just not right.

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She probably doesn't like you if she just wants to be friends

Remain friends and move on. Plain and simple!

well you can tell if he wants to be more than friends if hes always flirting with you and is very clingy towards you and you can tell if he just wants to be friends by if hes not really giving you the attention he should give you like he really just acts like he wants to be friends with you more than boyfriend and girlfriendby- Courtney

just be friends for awhile and give her more time to know may just not happen.

If its him who just wants to be close friends, he obviously likes you a bit but doesn't want anything too serious he just wants something like friends with benefits. If its you who just wants to be close friends, let him know how you feel before its too late. You don't want to lead him on.

hey may like you or he wants to be friends but if your friends he may like you try to talk to him or he may just be staring into space just ask him if your friends

he might just like you or wants to be friends with you

Most boys don't want to be "just friends." But in that case, if you like him give him signs or just tell him.

Say ok and just live with it. If he doesn't like you, you are to good for him

If a girl shows any sexuality twards you, she probably want to be more then just friends. But if the two of you go out a lot with other friends as a well and she acts twards you just like she acts twards the others, she wants to be just friends.

She just doesn't like you enough to date you. It doesn't mean she wants to be friends.

you ask him or her if they just wanna be friends or more than friends but ask in privat like on myspaceor in a note.

I think your ex just wants to be friends maybe because if you & him have had problems before, he wants to just be friends for now. & then maybe laster he'd want to be more than friends. I have an ex who wants to just be friends right now, & I said "Ok." & he already wants to hang out. It's been over a month since we haven't seen eachother. If you really like him, you have to re-start. It makes things much easier.

He knows you like him and he is just playing with you.

Yes this could be a sign that he wants to know you better which means he is interested in you. Either that he or could just wanna become friends.

she probably is busy or is out with friends or she doesnt really like you she just wants to be friends.

Well if u like her go out with her if you dont just tell youre just friends

He doesn't like you more than friends. But maybe you guys would just be better as friends.

A boy might not like simply because he is not interested or just wants to be friends.

He either doesn't like you or is to shy. Maybe he just wants to remain friends.

No. He just want's sex and that's it Friends with Benefits just mean's he's looking for a good time

would you rather have him as a friend or not have him at all?thats the question.

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