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Young woman have a tendency to stick close to their girlfriends and of course woman are noted (in most cases) for yakking about anything and especially relationships or helping a friend in need. Sometimes women have a tendency to forget their partner and they feel left out and hurt. Your partner should ALWAYS come first! A good relationship is about sitting down at least one hour a day and "touching base." Asking each other how their day went and if there are any problems then you work together on them. This is what makes a relationship strong. Your boyfriend should be your best friend and someone you can trust and, in turn, he should be rewarded with the same from you. You need to sit down and get to know yourself. You must make a decision if you want to even still be with this young man, and if not then you have to tell him. If you decide to stay and want to make things work, then back-off the girlfriends and start paying some much needed attention to him. Go to movies, dinner, have fun with another couple on a date. Perhaps take a mini holiday just the two of you. Communicate! Tell him how you feel and LISTEN to what he is saying. Men are sometimes not great communicators so it's up to you to simply ask how he's doing and what was his day like and really listen to what he is saying. Believe it or not you can be a couple and can feel like the most lonely individual in the world if you don't do one simple thing ... communicate your feelings. Sit down with your boyfriend and tell him that you've been thinking a lot about the relationship and that he's right and that you both need to work together on your relationship and you are willing too. Since you don't want to give up your girlfriends take a day out of the week or one day on the weekend to see your girlfriends. Tell your boyfriend how you feel about this. It's important that each person in the relationship has some "head space" away from each other no matter what your ages are. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you convince a guy you dated for 3 years to give your relationship another try when he still acts like you're a couple but always says you don't work as anything but friends?
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How does your relationship with service users differ from your relationship with friends?

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Not always, because if you ask someone out not knowing them and anything about them, how will the relationship bloom? You would not know eachother, and that happens by becoming friends. Friendship first is key to a successful relationship.

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Well if it goes to kissing other men or rubbing feeling or anything of that nature, then it would not be right. But if they are just friends, it's fine.

What does it mean when a man writes i don't want anything from you i only want you to stay close to me?

He probably means he wants to be good friends with you, just not with you in a relationship or to be 'friends with benefits' as such.

Is it OK to be friends right after the break up?

Actually it's better to make friends with the one you have break-up it increases your relationship with one another.

Is it bad to like a guy who's parents are friends with yours?

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If a guy is already in a relationship and he asks another girl what she wants for her birthday then why is that?

maybe he is really good friends with her and cares for her.

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How can you have a relationship when the girl's friends are getting involved and annoying?

Talk to them about what you are feeling because of this invasion into your privacy. Try to work something out. You need to tell your girlfriend that either she tells her friends to butt out of your relationship, or you will. Your relationship is between you and her, not you, her and her friends. If your girlfriend is not willing to tell her friends that they need to butt out, then that should speak volumes to you as to what you need to do. Do you really want to be in a relationship with someone who allows her friends to get in the middle of your relationship? But, to be fair to her, and look at the other possibilities, what is it about you or the relationship that makes her friends feel they need to get involved? Do you treat her in an abusive manner? Do you cheat on her? Do you try to monopolize her time and get jealous or upset if she spends time with her friends? If you answer these questions honestly, and can honestly answer "yes" to any of them, then you have to admit it's natural for friends to care how another friend is being treated, and change your treatment of your girlfriend.