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Just tell her and break up with your girlfriend. Just be perfectly honest, life is too short for all the drama. Tell the one you love just how much you love her , she's probably thinking about you the same way you're thinking about her.Hope that helps. God Bless


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if you or your girlfriend are constantly fighting then theres only 1 way to stop fighting and that's simply ending it or....... do something completely stupid and tell her you love her.

just keep respect and convince the costumer with your smile and pure love with them

The best way to talk to your parents is honestly and openly. If you tell them your in love and be honest they will likely respect you choice.

That person has to decide whether to keep or dump their girlfriend. If he's not letting go of her, stay friends with him. You don't wanna get into trouble with his girlfriend.

never give up love. if you know shes the one then she is. convince her your the one for her. dont give up

If your boyfriend doesn't like being in your company, showering you with love and respect, it is pointless to try and convince him other wise.

1 tell her that they might do something bad to her and that you love her so much you dont what her to get hurt.

how can i convince our parents for love marriage for outer casts tell me.

You can't convince someone to love you. As the poet said. "If of herself she will not love, nothing can make her -- the devil take her. "

either keep trying and wait till he relizes he should be with you or move on

Her marriage is fake, just to keep the love story with Peeta alive and to convince President Snow in their love.

You tell your girlfriend that you love her whenever you want, or she wants, put keep in mind that if you say it too much, she'll maybe think that you want to hide something.

You can't force your girlfriend to love you. If she doesn't love you now, then give it time. Try not to be to pushy, and don't get mad at hr for it. Just keep your relationship at a steady pace, and try not to rush into things. It might just be to son for your girlfriend to fall in love. Respect her wishes! GOOD LUCK!

Maybe you can by convince her you love her and that drinks are good to drink.

If you fear that she's cheating on you because that's the kind of person she is, you shouldn't be with her and you should find someone who won't cheat on you. If you fear that she's cheating on you because you're a paranoid jerk, maybe you shouldn't have a girlfriend and should live in a cave.

yes but sometimes no but if you have a girlfriend you really love she's suppose to be there for you

Here's why I'm asking, I have a girlfriend that I love very much, the only problem is, her mom found out that we recently had our first kiss on the lips. Once she found out, she was so mad that she made her break up with me. We're both 16, and I think that that's just crazy. Anyways, I just want to know how to convince her to let us keep dating. Any help will work at this point. I am desperate.

of course why wouldn't you want to keep loving your girlfriend if you don't love her dump her

Answer: proberly because he got a new girlfriend, why should he stay and chat when he got a new love?

U just tell them that u love them so much and Kiss them and say u love them so much

Its better to just wait and if you know hes not happy with his current girlfriend then you should talk to him and tell him how you feel about him. :) Invite the boy round and tell him you love him try to convince him that kissing you will make the pain go away If he wants to carry on kissing you it means he likes you if he doesnt well then i suggest you stop tryin

how to love a girl you love???

Well in a way, they dont. The fight for the people they love, and Haymitch just happened to see that. They had a charisma that showed that they wanted to survive.

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