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Just tell her and break up with your girlfriend. Just be perfectly honest, life is too short for all the drama. Tell the one you love just how much you love her , she's probably thinking about you the same way you're thinking about her.Hope that helps. God Bless

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Q: How do you convince the one you love to stay with you when your girlfriend and you keep fighting but you only want her?
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How do you stop fighting with your girlfriend?

if you or your girlfriend are constantly fighting then theres only 1 way to stop fighting and that's simply ending it or....... do something completely stupid and tell her you love her.

How do you keep your girlfriend forever?

love is limited

As a promodizer How can you convince the customer to buy the product?

just keep respect and convince the costumer with your smile and pure love with them

How do you convince parents to get married to a girl you love?

The best way to talk to your parents is honestly and openly. If you tell them your in love and be honest they will likely respect you choice.

What do you do if someone says i love you but they have a girlfriend and you love them too?

That person has to decide whether to keep or dump their girlfriend. If he's not letting go of her, stay friends with him. You don't wanna get into trouble with his girlfriend.

What if your girlfriend is your one and you are not hers?

never give up love. if you know shes the one then she is. convince her your the one for her. dont give up

My boyfriend says i am a bad girlfriend how do i make him happy and be a good girlfriend?

If your boyfriend doesn't like being in your company, showering you with love and respect, it is pointless to try and convince him other wise.

How do you convince your girlfriend not to dance with strangers in night clubs?

1 tell her that they might do something bad to her and that you love her so much you dont what her to get hurt.

How can you convince your parents for love marriage?

how can i convince our parents for love marriage for outer casts tell me.

How to convince someone that you love her?

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How do you convince someone to love you?

You can't convince someone to love you. As the poet said. "If of herself she will not love, nothing can make her -- the devil take her. "

What do you do if you're in love with someone who's in love with his girlfriend?

either keep trying and wait till he relizes he should be with you or move on

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