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How do you convince the school that your child has ADD and needs help?

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by now, add/adhd is such a widely accepted disorder and is by no means difficult to diagnos. if you believe your child has add, hopefully you have educated yourself in a responsible manner.If not, you might search "Google" for articles, tests etc. specifically ones writen by medical researchers, doctors and psychologists.or check your public library or some of the larger boodstores for more recently published books of course a child-pschologist can make this diagnosis fairly easily. Just keep in mind... its true, esp. when/if you're in a situation where the folks you were hoping would help may not want to be bothered and may try to even talk you out of it by using medical jargon, etc. that's just another reason why you want to be as capeable as they are, know the termenology, etc.This shouldn't happen mind you- its more like the worst case scenerio. but you know what they say, "education is power" and if you believe that your child is add, you're probably right. if it were my child, i would deffinately consider having my child evaluated privately. and if suggested, discuss and consider medication. in some cases it may prove to be an integral part of treating your child. in the long run, and ideally it will likely be a joint effort. ideally because that will render the best results and you as a parent will be an integral if not the most the best shot your child has at getting though this hope this is of some help. he; yours,

you should know that there is a law that would require your school district to pay for your child's schooling if they cannot provide and adequate education. if you enlist the help of your public school district to find out if your child has add, and it turns out s/he does, then it is their job to make a cirriculum for them. most likely they will try to put him/her in a secial ed class DO NOT LET THEM. you will have to FIGHT for your child. make it CLEAR that s/he is NOT stupid nor does s/he have some mental defect. she learns differently than the "norm" and they need to provide her with an environment in which s/he can thrive. if the school can't provide such an environment they will help you search for another school (private)

HERE is where the law comes in. if you find a school on your own that is the best possible match for your child and the public school didn't suggest it to you (but there must be some kind of proof that being at the school you chose is better than any the public school tried to send your child to) then you can sue the district to pay your school's tuition. my parents did it with me and my brother.

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