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If you would not have cheated you would not need to know the answer to this question. Shame on you!

if you've already been unfaithful then i have one saying for you if you have the balls to cheat you have the balls to break up with her and you don't say but i still love her cause if you loved her you would have never cheated in the first place jackass

Every person deserves a second chance ,if you fail to remain faithful after you have been given another chance then you Dug your own hole,But at the end of the day Its intirely up to her to see beyond that you cheated.

2015-07-15 21:50:06
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Do almost all boys cheat on their girlfriend?

i don't think all boy cheat on their girlfriend. They are some that do but in some case they don't cheat on their girlfriend. The only guy that cheat on their girlfriends are really inmature kids.

Which French hunk does Diane Lane cheat on Richard Gere with in Unfaithful?

Olivier Martinez

Who did marc anthony cheat on Jennifer Lopez with?

There is no proof that either of them were unfaithful during their marriage.

Do you cheat on your girlfriend if she cheated on you?

No, you say goodbye and find yourself another girlfriend who doesn't cheat.

Why is it that your girlfriend would cheat on you with your friends?

she's in the mode to cheat and your friends are not true friends! like seriously what kinda friend will help or join your girlfriend to cheat on you? and btw your girlfriend is not serious with you

Do woman cheat on there boyfriend on holiday?

Only if they're an unfaithful slut. It's wring to cheat on the person you love, and if you don't love them, you shouldn't be with them.

Did usher cheat on his girlfriend?

no. usher doesn't have a girlfriend

Why do men cheat with an ex-girlfriend?

For pleasure!

Why do girlfriend cheat?

ANSWER:When you say girlfriend, not all girlfriend do cheat. For those who do cheat, there were given some reason why they do. No one in their own right mind will just cheat because she felt like it. Talk to your girl and maybe you will find out why she is cheating on you.

Why is it wrong to cheat on your girlfriend?

its called being unfaithfulwhats the point of being in a relationship if all your going to do is cheat on them.its wrong because, if you cheat, not only will your girlfriend not trust you anymore. but you`v broken her heart.not only will she be upset, but the word will go around that you`v cheated and people might talk sh*t about you. And in the future girls probably wont want to be with you seeing as you`v cheated.hope this answers your questionDONT CHEAT, it`ll just come kick you back in the ass.

Is it right to cheat on your girlfriend?


What makes women unfaithful?

i think that a women is unfaithful when she's not being true to her partner or herself. like it's one thing to cheat on your partner but it's even worse when you're cheating yourself out of another relationship you want to be in where you feel as though you shouldn't have to cheat

What shall you do to convince your husband that you will never cheat him again?


What is a sentence using the word CONVINCE?

She tried to convince me to go on a date.I wanted to convince my mom I was a hardworker.Christopher Columbus had to convince people he found the Americas.

Use the word convince in a sentence?

It didn't take much to convince the jury.How can I convince you to come on a date?

How can you convince your girlfriend you love her if you keep breaking up with her because you think she's going to cheat and not like you and break up with you?

If you fear that she's cheating on you because that's the kind of person she is, you shouldn't be with her and you should find someone who won't cheat on you. If you fear that she's cheating on you because you're a paranoid jerk, maybe you shouldn't have a girlfriend and should live in a cave.

Did leland Chapman cheat on his ex wife?

It is rumored that yes, Leland Chapman was unfaithful to his now ex-wife.

Has Homer Simpson ever been unfaithful to marge?

one epsiode it was implied he was going to cheat on her with Lurleen, but he didnt.

Did Franklin D. Roosevelt cheat on Eleanor?

Yes. There is little question that FDR was unfaithful to his wife, Eleanor.

Want girlfriend to cheat on me?

With the hurt that comes with cheating you definitely do not want your girlfriend to cheat. If you are looking for a reason for her to upset you and you can leave her - just leave her.

Are there cheat codes for monster racers?

Recently, no.

Do men or woman cheat more?

WOMEN are far more unfaithful than men, a survey reveals. Forty per cent of females cheat on lovers, compared with 34 per cent of males. WOMEN are far more unfaithful than men, a survey reveals. Forty per cent of females cheat on lovers, compared with 34 per cent of males.

Should you cheat on your girlfriend?

no if you do it will end bad for you

Why did your girlfriend cheat on you?

because she didnt like you

Is it okay to cheat on your girlfriend if she is in a different state?