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It sounds like you are very wise individual and smart enough to move on even though it is breaking your heart. Don't despair because time does heal. If you can be patient there is that someone special out there and you'll love again and be so glad you waited. I was once in love with a married man. He worked in the office I worked for and his type of job was "trouble shooter"; come in, get the work done and move on. We worked together on a project. We often went for lunch, but it was innocent and I never ever told him how I felt. I was shocked one day when he told me that he really cared for me and it was all too tempting (I was only 20 at the time) and didn't quite understand the ramifications of what he meant. He had talked about his wife and baby girl with great pride, and basically what he was saying was "he would be playing with fire" and he was a good honest husband that wouldn't cheat. I wouldn't cheat either, and it didn't surprise me that he left earlier from the company than he was suppose too. It broke my heart when he left. I never thought there would anyone else for me, and it hurt even more knowing he was starting to have some feelings towards me, and I respected him for staying faithful to his wife. I did get married, but unfortunately that didn't work out and I began to feel like there was just no one out there and I'd end up being alone for the rest of my life. I had resigned myself to this way of thinking and it wasn't long when I met my second husband and after almost 34 years of marriage we are still very much in love. I think fondly of that young man back in the office many years ago, but so glad I never tried to pursue him or I'd have been disappointed in not only myself, but him. If this person you are in love with in single, has a girlfriend is married, too old, too young, etc., you should always listen to your inner self because that's what protects you through life. If you wait a little longer the pain does go away hon. Hang in there, get out with friends and try to have a good time. We often meet the love of our life when we least expect it. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you convince your heart to forget him knowing that you feel sometimes that you're meant to be but you're not?
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if your heart hurts because of a guy! forget about them and get a bunch of friends with will be so good to you that you will totally forget about the guy. and if your heart hurts from pain go get it checked :) Answer Sometimes you can't. Sometimes it takes time and the hurting will not be so bad.

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then you won't forget them and leaving them will be tough they have touched your heart and that is something you will never forget (this bit edited by Daniel Askew, Iplay4u (on YouTube) i myself have recently been dumped by my girlfriend and the night that she had dumped me i couldn't get to sleep. but sometimes in life you just have to move on.

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basically i think, theres nothing to do to forget our love ones.......................................................................................................but try to make friends...myspace, facebook..its fun!!!!!!!!!!! and meets your friends and even old friends.........tighten the friends relationship!! you will feel better!!AnswerWhy forget someone you love? Love is hard to find. Besides, if you truly love someone you will not forget them no matter how hard you try. They will always be in your heart and sometimes your very soul.

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