How do you convince your husband to let you be a stay at home mom when he makes very good money but says you still have to help out with bills and you fight about this all the time?

Good for you! It's a proven fact that moms (or dads) that stay home and raise their child(ren) are much more solid kids when they get out in the world. It's wonderful to see your kids grow up from wee babes. It's time to stop arguing and sit down with each other and pull out the bills you owe, mortgage, gas costs, etc., and put it on paper. You'll get an idea just how much you owe and if your husband's pay check will cover it. If you think you can squeeze through then go to any bank and sit down with a Financial Advisor (this is part of the bank's service) and they'll give you the real scoop. Then you'll have your answer and I am sure you know if you can stay at home or not on your own accord, so this will prove it to your husband and he won't have an argument left. You can also see a Financial Advisor on your own (be sure you bring your written list of expenses in your household with you) and they will certainly help you. By the way, you don't need permission from your husband to stay home. He's not your boss, and he should respect how you feel. However, in all fairness to him it's time to prove him wrong and show him that you can cover all those bills on just his pay check alone. If you are just going to be squeezing through, remember, you also have to save for your child(ren's) education and retirement for both of you. If he's right and both of you can't afford being home, then it's time to cut-down on those extra expenses that you don't need so you can make it happen. Sometimes one has to sacrifice to get something they really want. Good luck! Marcy