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How do you convince your parents to let you get your belly button pierced?

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June 08, 2012 11:47PM

ok, i'm 15 years old and i've been begging my parents for about 6 months now. they would always say "no" or "we'll see" but it seemed it me the more i asked , the more they would get annoyed,think i'm immature, and say no.

tell them you'll do better in school, that you wont let it get infected, and let them know you'll pay for it. Those things might work for your parents but it didnt for mine, haha. finally they said since i was getting such good grades this year and been on the honor roll all year long.. that they're gonna let me get it done.

i got it done today and I love it so far! It doesnt hurt either :).. well yet..