How do you convince your parents to move to another country?

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What are the effects of moving to another country?

Answer . Broadening of horizons. Trying new, ways of life, clothes, travel. Learning a new language. And some depression with a side of anxiety.. Also living arrengments can be a problem

How do you convince your parents to let you get another pet?

Beg a little Tell them how much you would love this pet, how much it means to you, and tell em that ull take great care of it. you can beg but that probably won't work. calmly talk to them. tell them that you would take care of this pet and that you're responsible enough to take care of this pet. ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to let you get another when you already have 2?

If one of your dogs is getting older, try to convince your parents that if it died it would be easier for your other dog if it had another companion. . Also show reponsibility by walking your other dogs, playing with them and maybe teaching one or both of them a new trick. This should show your par ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to crack and get your sister and you another dog?

You must tell them all the reasons why you want one. Ask them why they won't get you one. Respond by telling them why these are not valid reasons. Try to see their side, and convince them why your side is better. If price is an issue, ask for it for a birthday, Christmas, or another holiday. They no ( Full Answer )

How do you move to another country?

In order to move to another country you will need a passport and aVisa. You will need a reason for the Visa, for example work. Youwill then have to contact and international moving company to moveyour things, and a real state agent in the country where you wishto move. It will be hard to find a plac ( Full Answer )

How do you convince my parents?

convincing your parents is easy. all you have to do is tell them all the advantages of having it and disadvanteges of not haviing it and all the resons of having it.

How do you convince your parents into letting you get another pet when you just gotten one?

I am in this situation right now. We just got a new dog, and I already have a guinea pig, but I want a rabbit.. You're going to have to do a lot of thinking. Is it possible for you to get another pet? Do your parents hav the income? Are you old enough to take care of this pet? Do you have enough ti ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents into getting you a pet turtle when you just gotten another pet?

It might be best to accept your parent's wishes and stick with your current pet. If you did some research and learned about pet care for turtles and promise your parents that you would take care of it yourself, they may change their minds about you getting a pet turtle.. it also might depend on w ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents?

How do you convince them to what ? If what you want is something that a reasonable person would allow, then you might try pointing that out, along with reasons your parents should let you ... whatever it is you want. However, ultimately, the decision is theirs. Once you're 18 you no longer have ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to get another dog?

It depends on whether your responsible or not. If you show them you can feed, walk, and clean up afteryour existing animals they might consider another animal in the house. Caring for it includes paying for its needs, giving it lots of attention, feeding it, giving it plenty of fresh cold water at a ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to have another baby?

From my experience I have been begging my mom to have a 4th sibling and she said she doesnt know yet if she would like one but this is how it worked 1. next time you are out shopping show her all of the baby clothes and how cute they are 2. explaing to your parents why you want one 3. do chore ( Full Answer )

How do you convince my parents to let me move out at seventeen?

tell them that you will bring the trash (ones you are planning to move in with) home.. First off they are not trash so why dont u shut ur mouth and not answer my ? if u dont have anything good to say that will help me out!!!!!

Can a parent move to another state with out permission from other parent?

I assume that you are asking about child custody. Generally, one parent cannot legally deprive the other parent of contact with their child. If the court is not already involved in this matter, contact the court (or an attorney who specializes in family law) for assistance. If the court already ( Full Answer )

Can a custodial parent move out of the country?

I think they can, but I'm pretty sure unless they have a restraining order or command to stay in that country, they can ask the government for permission to leave the country.

What are the causes of moving to another country?

The major causes of moving to another country include employmentand the need to see new parts of the world. People often findbetter employment opportunities in other nations.

How do you convince my parents to get you another hermit crab?

i just convinced my parents to get me another hermit crab and this is what i told them i told them that hermit crabs can get depressed if they don't have another friend to talk to if your parents want to see where you learned this tell them you saw it on a website that's what i did but i cant rememb ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to get you another guinea pig?

you could try saying that your other guinea pig is lonely and and that u want 2 have more of a responsibility in your house to clean another guinea pig (only work if you look after the 1 you've got) try an think of reasons on why you want 1 and explain nicely (worked for me) never raise your voice o ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to move back home?

0. tell your mom you want to move back home.. 1. if it didnt work pretend people at school are bullying you.. 2. if that don't work like you thought start keeping a fake journal and write all of your "personal" thoughts about the school your at now and the school you wanted to be at.. 3. get all ( Full Answer )

Why do people move to Mexico from another country?

In the case of people from South American and Southeast Asian countries, they are looking for better economic and social conditions. For instance, even though Mexico is considered an undeveloped country, it has much better living conditions than most of Latin America, with the exception of Chile and ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to let you move out under 18?

You don't. Well, not if you've any sense at all. It's a cold harsh world out there. You still aren't fully grown up and you aren't ready to leave home. Alternatively, if you are really desperate to get away, join the military.

How can I convince my parents to move to America from the UK?

To tell the truth, America isn't really all that great; plus, how are you going to afford all of the costs of moving (housing is a #1)? Yet, if you still are unconviced, nag and complain until you get what you want (or until you get paddled =-])

How do you convince our parents?

1) Don't ask them when they are in a bad mood, ask them when they are in a good mood and having a good day, because if they're in a bad mood then they are more likely to say no. 2) Give them reasonable reasons to whatever your trying to convince them to let you do. 3) Explain that it would mean al ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to move to Florida?

For you there are maybe two or three really good reasons to move to Florida. For your parents there are several reasons they choose to live wherever you are living. Things like job availability for both of them, the cost of housing, schools, sometimes relatives are an important consideration. Possib ( Full Answer )

How can you convince your parents to move to another country I'm thirteen and really really want to move to Ireland but my parents wont let me how can i convince them to let us move?

You would have to see to it that they have equal or better jobs/careers waiting for them there, equal or better housing, and that a move could fit into your family budget along with the positives of why moving there would be good, such as learning and growing in new ways, learning a new culture, etc ( Full Answer )

How can you convince your parents to let you move school?

Conduct arguments for why the school is a more advantageous decision on their part. Prepare ideas as to how to get yourself there via bus, if possible, so no extra work has to be done on their part. If money is involved, prepare a scholarship application in October to be submitted in December. If it ( Full Answer )

How can you convince your parents not to move to Mexico?

Just find the pro's and con's of living in Mexico. Most probably, they want to live there due to cheaper living costs and warmer climate. If they want to live in a city close to the border such as Matamoros or Juarez, violence would be a major deterrent. On the other hand, there are plenty of bea ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to get another cat?

well first you have to get together and talk about it if they still say no then. you will have to clean the whole house then make dinner and wash the clothes and in the morning make them tea or coffee. then have another talk about geting a cat and if all that does not work well then i do not know.

How do you convince your parents to let go on an airplane to another state?

First you have to plan it. You cant just think about it today and ask tomorrow. Then you have to tell them where you will be and who you will be going with (If your going with anybody). Take a peice of paper and a pencil and list all of the pros and cons about going on the plane. Think of all the po ( Full Answer )

How can I dissuade a friend's parents from moving to another country my friend will be 16 by the time they move and does not want to leave I'm open to all ideas no matter how drastic?

If you and your parents/caregivers are willing to take your friend in this might be agreeable to his parents given that at this age school friends are so important. But I wouldn't hold out a great deal of hope that this will be a winning argument. Family ties are as important if not more so. Best of ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to let you have another pet?

There are many considerations for having a pet. Who feeds and cleans up after the pet. Are you home enough to be fair to the pet? Is it an indoor or outdoor pet. Are you dedicated to seeing the pet has plenty of exercise. How much will yearly food and vet bills be. Do some research and some thoughtf ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to let you have another dog I am 15 and have 2 dogs?

Oh hi! I've had that situation before! It's horrible! First of all show you are caring and loving to your 2 dogs already. But before nagging them take EXTRA good care of them show you are passionate about dogs and that you are a responsible young person. Then sit them down with you and say out loud ( Full Answer )