How do you coo a guy?

there are two common misconceptions. one is that the way to a guys heart is through his stomach. culinary skills are greatly appreciated, but not in this situation. the second is to just be yourself and blah blah blah. no. the way to coo a guy is very simple. start by talking to him. most girls do not actually do this, even if they say they do. as you talk to him, build value in what you do. tell him some of the fun things you do and make them seem really enjoyable, so that in the future, you can invite him to said events. after talking and all that jazz, numbers need to get exchanged. once numbers are exchanged flirt text. its easy, and fun. when if you have done everything right, he will see the obvious attraction and hopefully ask you out or to hang out or whatever. this is crucial. put your stupid little cell phone on silent. only respond to texts or calls if its family or a best friend. forget everybody else. and jesus please do not talk about your ex boyfriend. than just play it cool, continue to firlt text until you hang out again. and a little head never hurt anybody.