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Q: How do you cool down a curry that's too hot without altering the taste?
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Why do I have a persistent taste of onion in my mouth but I haven't eaten any onions What is causing it?

No idea, thats why i am here too. I got my metalic/onion taste since i ate a curry. I have always used this curry takeaway, but tried a house special, and since then I have had this kind of aftertaste of onion, with a kind of salivic metalic taste to it. Its a nice with certain dishes, but banana and onion, are wearing thin! so is oats in the morning :(

What would you call rice with coconut sauce in Hindi?

nnn= Chaaval ;coconut sauce do you mean curry?like gravy with a coconut milk as a sauce?thats called kadi (curry)

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Mrs.swans special jizz flavoured curry!... Thats how how maths was born

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-Ultimate Curry Rainbow Curry + Black Curry + Burnt Frying Pan Dish + Burnt Pot Dish + Burnt Oven Dish + Burnt No Utensils Dish + Burnt Steamer Dish + Burnt Mixer Dish WRONG Thats how you make finest curry not ultimate curry...

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well theres lots of easy currys and about two or three hard ones. theres most of them like this yellow curry: curry powder, yellow grass, ???? (something else) just different colour grass each time then theres about two hard ones. blue curry, just like the yellow but its blue grass ( blue grass is hard to find) and multi curry. use curry powder, ?????, and every single grass SO THATS THE ANSWER! enjoy eating on harvest moon ds

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The L.O.B. Co. (lindsay,olivia,beth society). They live in pakistan and like curry thats where the curry pot noodle came from. They visit all different parts of the world just to find new flavours.

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