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How do you cope when you know someone is lying?


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it serves no purpose for you to pretend if all is okay in a relationship. Wen your partner is lying or cheating please move on coz there are so many flowers out there.


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How do you know if a man is lying to you about being a virgin?

You know if someone is lying because they do a nerves thing and they would say it in a voice they don't normally speak

Answer to know if someone is lying ask them what they told you a half hour ago and if they say something totally diffrent cause they dont remember what they told you the first time they are lying

Because they dont look in your eyes!

If theres a body lying in the road, you've probably hit someone

Look into their eyes and ask them to repeat it

Someone is lying to you when they are not acting the same as they usaully do.

Just let him know that you are there for him and that he has someone to lean on, a shoulder to cry on.


Others seem to cope with "stuck up" or "snob", but I believe it is smart.

I wouldn't "cope" with it. The boy/man is a player and now you know it. This won't be his last baby or "other" girl/woman. If you stay with him there will be others. Move on and meet someone who can keep it in his pants.

If someone is 'ominscient' it means that they know, in essence, everything. If someone is lying (as in speaking falsehood) omnisciently it means that they know all but are speaking lies in a way that appears as if they know all. Sorry if that doesn't make much sense, it's the best I could explain it. :/

I do nothing on that I just keep silent & watch that persons deed Bcoz I know his truth now

You just ask them to tell the truth but if you know there lying you have to put a thret to your relationship.

nerolinguistics is the study of if someone is lying

She could be lying to avoid hurting you, or she may not know she is flirting. Some people do not know when they are flirting. Talk with your friend about your feelings.

No one really knows. And if someone says they know what it is they are probably just lying.

Chronic lying is a sign of sociopathy.

Perjury is to lying as homicide is to killing someone.

Counseling is helping someone with their problems and telling them how to cope with it. consulting means asking someone else who you think she or he may know more.

lying means someone is deceiving you, cheating however is someone purposely betraying you.

of course not. Don't be ridiculous you have to be able to notice certain trends of differences in a relationship to know whether your mate is lying to you.

You need to face the person that is lying about dating you. Your true friends will know this is not true so after confronting this person just ignore them and they will eventually go away.

You can detect if someone is lying is if they do not look into your eyes when they are talking to you about stuff. However if thelier is good at acting then all you could do is catch them in what ever they are lying about.

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