How do you cope when your husband thinks he doesn't love you because you're emotional but you think you're emotional because he doesn't love you and will the insanity ever end?

Both of you need to mature more and simply grow up. Life is full of emotions! I don't trust man, women or beast that doesn't show some sort of emotion. If a woman over-reacts to every little thing (same applies to men) it can be a drag, but it's not up to him to judge you because he married you. What's changed? You have other marriage problems besides this excuse he is giving you and I would suspect a possible affair going on here (but don't put all your money on that comment). He's making excuses for something. It's time to stop the arguing and sit down like two adults and talk about your marriage. There is something that isn't right in it, and that's what you both need to find out. Communication is even more important than sex when it comes to marriage. If he refuses, tell him you're not living like this and you'll file for divorce. That could shake him up or it could backfire and he may move out. Either way you have your answer and you won't be wasting more of your life. I know it's difficult if you have children, but trust me when I say that when parents don't get along they aren't doing their children any favors. Good luck God Bless Marcy