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I dont know how to answer that, but I am going threw tough times now with an jealous ex-wife, and 2 step kids. She plays mind games with him, is making him pay for his past with her. She punishes him daily for their past marriage. She uses those 2 little kids as wepaons, black male. if he wants to see them, it is on her terms or she won;t let him see them. Well now, he hasn't seen them in 2 months, and it has effect our relationship, he is depressed, angry, bitter, moody, sad. They go to court in a week for his fahter rights. Now she wont let them come or see their dad, because he said she doesn't like me, the kids cant be around me, even thought those kids do nothing but talk about me, ask to be with me, those kids love me, as I love them as my own. She has even gone to the extend of saying I verbally abuse them, and I hit them. i would never make rumors up like that about anyone, not even my worst eniem. My way to cope is to God, going to church speaking out on this matter, getting counsling to deal and cope with his ex. I just go on with my life, nothing more I can do. But have hope and pray and seek help to deal with her. Godd bless me and everyone with a crazy, jealous ex wife.

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Q: How do you cope with your husband's jealous ex-wife?
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