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How do you copy a PlayStation 1 game?


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You can use "dd" with OS X or Linux or use Toast Titanium or something. They're only data disks and AFAIK they're not encrypted.


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Buy the original game and not a burned copy of the Playstation game.

If you have a copy of the game that is not burnt then you could play the Playstation game

most of them can be played on a playstation 2

If you have purchased a PlayStation game and want to copy it for personal use such as using it for both your playstations, that is legal. However if you copy a legally purchased game and distribute copies for selling and buying, that is considered illegal.

Buying a game does not give you the right to copy it

No. You can play Legitimate PS1 games on a chipped PS2, but you cannot play PlayStation 2 Games on a PlayStation 1.

Yes, the PlayStation and PlayStation 1 are the same thing, PlayStation 1 being a retroactive moniker for the original PlayStation. As such, both use the same medium for games, a black CD-ROM.

Guitar Hero can be bought from many systems from stores like Gamestop or Target. For the Playstation 2 the most likely copy a person will find is a used copy of the game.

yes playstation 1 games work on ps2 but not all of them work, just warning you.

It is possible to use a PlayStation 2 emulator to play PS2 games on your computer. It is only legal to do if you own an original copy of the game.

It is a Playstation game that should work in the PS2 if it is not a brunt copy and is the original game from the same region

There should only be 1 disk needed to play a game on PlayStation 1's, PlayStation 2's, PlayStation 3's, and portables versions. Just insert the main gaming disc if there are 2 of them (for some odd reason).

Actually, all you have to do is stick the game in the PS2, even if it's a PS1 game.

On a emulator to duplicate the Playstation using PC hardware

no you can not play a PS2 game in a PS1 console

Yes, but you cannot save playstation 1 games on a playstation 2 memory card as they are not compatible.

there is none and anyway you need to own the copy of the game you want to play on your computer =)

Yes you can. PS2 is compatible with PS1 games

it depends on the game. if the game requires analog sticks for operation then no. if the game doesn't require anolog sticks then you sure can

No star fox is a game series by Nintendo and the playstation is sony. so no star fox games on Playstation.

Yes, a Region 3 PlayStation 3 game will work on a Region 1 PlayStation 3 system. The PlayStation 3 does not have regional lockouts for PlayStation 3 games. It does however have regional lockout for PlayStation games, PlayStation 2 games, DVD movies, and Blu-ray movies.

with just the disc, no, but if you run an emulator, then either rip the game or download a copy it can be.

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