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How do you copy vhs that has copyright protection?

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2009-10-24 09:54:11

Deliberately bypassing technology put in place to protect

copyrighted material is illegal under terms of Section 1201

(Circumvention of copyright protection systems) of the Digital

Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


(1)(A) No person shall circumvent a technological measure that

effectively controls access to a work protected under this


Additionally if WikiAnswers were to provide you with information

which would allow copyright to be bypassed, there is the

possibility of a charge of contributory infringement. In Felton v

RIAA: Corley v. Universal the mere posting of a link to a computer

program that can be used to circumvent technical protection

measures was held to be a violation of the DMCA. [Universal v.

Corley (2d Ciruit cite)]

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