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How do you correct behavior of a 2 and a half years old unfixed male cat that never attacks his owners but if someone new visits he always attacks them no matter who they are?


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February 25, 2016 7:50AM

Have any friend visit, ring the doorbell or knock, and when you and 'Cat' answer the door, have the friend place several treats on the floor and go back out the door. Repeat this each day over a week's time. When a new friend wants to visit put a few treats in a closed jar outside your door and explain the "treat cure" you are doing. When the person enters the house, they should put the treats on the floor--and ignore the cat. Sit down, speak softly, and visit for a few minutes as long as Cat is calm.

The point is to teach Cat to associate visitors with good smells and special treats. Do NOT use those special treats any other time except for friends visiting. Make sure all friends know to let Cat come to them first. Only then, extend a few fingers and the palm side of the hand to let Cat sniff. Do not try to touch or pick up Cat until after giving Cat the respect of his sniff test.