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The interested party would need to contact the state's vital records department for the correct procedure prescribed by the laws of the state where the birth was registered. A minor issue such as a misspelling is relatively simple to amend. If the change is due to the wrong man being named as the father a court order will be required.

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Q: How do you correct the name of the father on a child's birth certificate?
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How does a father find out if he is on the birth certificate?

Go to vital records and request a copy of birth records. Ask to see Childs school file with birth record in it. If you are not on the birth certificate, you cannot request a copy.

Do you have to put your husband on a birth certificate even if he is not the father?

No, you put the father on the birth certificate! Then it wouldn't be a birth certificate!

Do you have to list the father on a birth certificate?

No. Father's name is not legally required to be on the birth certificate.

Can you put your child's father name on the birth certificate even if you are not married to that person or does he have to sign the birth certificate?

The father must sign to add his name to the birth certificate.

Does the father's name have to be on the birth certificate?


Can an unmarried mother refuse to name the father on a birth certificate?

Yes the mother has the right to put the father on the birth certificate or not.

Does Father payments if name not on birth certificate?

It is possible to legally establish paternity even if the father's name is not on the birth certificate.

Does the birth mother have sole custody of her child if she is not married to its father but the father of the baby is not on the birth certificate?

Even if the father's name is on the birth certificate, and is living with the mother, except in Arizona.

How do you gain custody over your child if the father does not sign the birth certificate?

If the father did not sign the birth certificate, then you already have sole custody.

Change father on birth certificate?

To change the father's name on a birth certificate a form has to be obtained and filed with the County Recorders Office.

Can the father sign birth certificate if woman is married?

if the baby his he can the birth certificate if the woman is married

Who is the legal father of your child the man you are married to or the man on the birth certificate?

The man on the birth certificate.

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