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1 cow = 1 head, it's just an expression.

Count their heads as they come through a gate so a focus is on the head. Anyone counting cattle could easily become distracted by the mass of body and head and easily lose track. Simply use the index finger, pinpoint each head as it comes through the gate and "count the head of cattle". Counting the body is much harder and easy to lose track.

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Q: How do you count a head of cattle?
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How many cattle are in 33 head?

There are 33. Have you ever heard of getting a head count? Same story.

Is the word herd a count or non-count noun?

The noun herd is a count noun:A herd of cattle blocked the road.Several herds of cattle are pastured on our acreage.

What does head of cattle mean?

It's just the amount of cattle there are. If there are 50 head of cattle in the field, there are 50 animals in the field.

What does a head of cattle mean?

It's how many you have. If you have 100 steer, then you have 100 head of cattle.

A head of cattle is equal to how many cows?

A head of cattle is one cow.

Head of cattle?

A "head" of cattle is just another way of saying herd of cattle. Instead of saying I have 100 herd of cattle, you would say I have 100 head of cattle (this way you are specifying the exact number of cows you have in your herd)

You have 12 cattle how many head of cattle do you have?


How many cattle are there in a head of cattle?


What does a farmer use to count his cattle?

a cowculator

What is a cattle head?

What do you mean "a cattle head?" Are you trying to say "head of cattle"? If you are, one head of cattle is just a way of counting the number of "heads" or cattle in a herd. One head = 1 cow or cattlebeast or animal or whatever you want to call them. However, if you're asking what is a cattle head, then here's the answer as far as I can answer it: a cattle head could be one to two things--a head of a prized cow, steer or bull that is mounted on the wall after its counterpart passed on, particularly if this head is of a Texas Longhorn that had an amazingly large rack. The second thing could be what I mentioned above.

Is head count one or two words?

Head count are two words...

If there are 80 head of cattle in the field and the ratio of dairy cattle to beef cattle is 1 to 3 How many dairy cattle and beef cattle are there?

So with 80 head of cattle, we have a 1:3 ratio of dairy to beef, respectively. That translates to: for every head of dairy cattle there are three beef cattle. Since, mathematically, 80 total head of cattle with a 1:3 ratio don't really work out to nice, round numbers, we will have to work with fractions and such. 1:3 ratio can be converted to a fraction: 1/3. 1/3=0.3333333... So, with 80 head of cattle, we find the number of dairy cattle: 80 x (1/3) = 26.66666666.... Which we could round off to 26 dairy cattle. Since we have 80 total head, we subtract to find how many beef cattle are in the herd: 80 - 26 = 54. So the answer is thus: If there are 80 head of cattle, and the ratio of dairy to beef cattle is 1:3, then there are 26 dairy cattle and 54 beef cattle.

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