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You don't. It's not possible. Learn Visual Basic. It's not nearly as hard as most people expect it to be. The Meebo service allows you to access IM programs through the web. Try

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Q: How do you create a browser based instant messenger without knowing any programming language?
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Can one build instant messenger in java?

Of course. Java is a very robust language, and includes implementations of TCP and UDP in the core language. Besides being able to write your own instant messenger from scratch, you can take advantage of pre-written libraries for popular instant messenger networks such as AIM.

What is the purpose of Yahoo Messenger Web?

Yahoo Messenger Web is an instant messaging service that works entirely through a web browser. It is used by Yahoo users to communicate with each other through instant messages, and also has emoticons.

When was AOL Instant Messenger created?

AOL Instant Messenger was created in 1997.

Are google toolbar and instant messenger freeware?

Yes, the Google toolbar and instant messenger freeware. They could be easily downloaded for free. Moreover the Instant messenger is called as Hangouts now.

Where can one download Windows instant messenger?

There are many places where one can download Windows instant messenger. The best place to download Windows instant messenger would be on the Microsoft website.

Is instant messaging the same as windows live messenger?

windows live messenger is a form of instant messaging

What is AOL Instant Messenger?

An instant messenger is a program used to quickly and easily communicate with friends and family over the internet. They are commonly used to send messages, initiate real-time chat or send files. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM for short) is AOL's branded instant messenger. Other Instant messengers include ICQ MSN and Yahoo Messenger.

When was Instant Messenger created?

Instant messenger was created in the 1970s with UNIX-based applications such as talker and IRC. Modern instant messaging, such as MSN, AIM, or Yahoo Messenger was started in 1996 with the release of ICQ.

Do Jon and Kate use instant messenger?

There is no information on if Jon and Kate Gosselin use instant messenger. All instant messenger, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace accounts claiming to be the Gosselins have been proven fraudulent.

Where in the world can you chat?

There are instant message programs that you can use like Windows Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo instant messenger if you are talking about that sort of thing. If you are looking for chat rooms, etc. I can't help with that.

What does the term ebuddy mean?

E-Buddy is a type of mobile instant messaging program, such as AOL's Instant Messenger. It can interface with other instant messaging programs, such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and AIM.

Can you speak to people on yahoo instant messenger if you have AOL instant messenger?

yes you can but it is hard to get it started let me tell you........your welcome.

Can you use yahoo instant messenger to talk to someone who has AOL instant messenger?

You can not use yahoo messenger to talk to AOL instant messenger but you can use to use yahoo, aol, and many other messengers all at one time. It does not have to be downloaded. Just a regular internet website.

What kind of traffic is likely to pass through a firewall?

Browser traffic, Instant messenger traffic, file sharing traffic are some of the traffic which passes through a firewall

Who founded instant messenger?


Was ist ICQ?

An instant messenger.

If somebody needed access to a coporate instant messenger what could they use?

Here is a list of some instants messenger that can be used for business meetings: 1. Skype 2. Google Talk 3. AOL Instant Messenger 4. ICQ 5. Jabber 6. MSN Messenger 7. Yahoo Instant Messenger 8. Twitter 9. Facebook

Does IM mean instant messaging or Instant Message?

Both ok, IM means Instant messenger as well.

Messenger for that is used for chatting inatant?

Yahoo Messenger is an example of a messenger that is used for instant chatting. Another is AIM.

What is an Imers?

Assuming you mean IMers, IM stands for Instant Message. An IMer is someone who sends instant messages. IMers are people who communicate using instant messages. Examples of instant messaging tools are Google Talk, Yahoo Instant Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Adium, Pidgin, ...

What service is provided by Telecharger MSN?

Telecharger MSN is the instant messenger service created by the Microsoft company for French speaking web users. It is exactly the same as MSN Messenger, just in the French language.

When was windows messenger created?

Windows Messenger was created by MSN in 1999. It was then the competitor of AOL Instant Messenger. It was later known as MSN Messenger.

What does Yahoo messenger do?

It is an Instant Messaging software.

Is AOL Instant Messenger free?


Is Google docs an instant messenger service?


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