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I use Wondershare DVD Slideshow to create slideshows. It's a free, easy-to-use and powerful. There are many attractive transition effect provided for choice, and you can add background music, add text or subtitles.

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Q: How do you create a slideshow?
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Does operture offers a slideshow?

Slideshow element is the product of One can create professional looking slideshow by drag and drop, with no prior coding required. One can create eye-catching slideshow for Wordpress or Joomla sites.

How to add music to a photo slideshow?

To add music to a slideshow create the slideshow in iPhoto. Select your slideshow from the Slideshows playlist and click the music button at the bottom to add music. The settings button offers options to have your slideshow fit to the length of the music etc.

What is a good program to create slideshows?

Renderforest Slideshow maker UltraSlideshow Flash Creator. Flash Photo Slideshow. etc.

How do you make a slideshow with music?

I'm using Photo Flash Maker, it helps to create slideshow easily, enables to add music from your hard drive, and even direct extracts music/audio from CD for the slideshow.

What is a slide show in PowerPoint?

A slideshow is what PowerPoint is for. You create slides by adding text pictures or graphs to the pages in the program, then you view the slideshow. It is useful for school or office presentations.

How do you make a slideshow on your myspace profile?

You can use Photo MovieTheater to create a slideshow. Then once you have these slideshows created you should be able to click on somewhere on the website that will send paste it on your myspace profile. Myspace also has a slideshow creater feature now as well.

What is the difference between a webpage and a PowerPoint?

A PowerPoint is where you create a slideshow. a web page is something on the internet

Should i use imovie or iphoto to create a slideshow?

Either one will work. The choice is yours.

How can one create a slideshow?

There are a number of ways to create a slideshow. One would be to select images and put them into a file and then view them using windows photoviewer. Alternatively to include words as well as images it is a good idea to use a powerpoint presentation. The software for this is included on most computers as standard.

How do you make a flash slideshow for MySpace?

Using the Flash Gallery Factory, You can create flash Slideshow for MySpace. This Flash Slideshow Maker can help users make Flash Slideshow in any video/audio/image format, and preserve as flash format.This Flash Slideshow Maker provides you with 30+ free engaging and user-interactive photo gallery templates. You can make stunning interactive 3D photo gallery to present business photos on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and websites.Here is the link page:, you can visit it to learn more details about the Flash Slideshow Maker.

How do you turn a data DVD into a watchable DVD?

If your data are pictures, musics, videos, I suggest you use DVD Photo Slideshow, it can create entertaining photo slideshow DVD you can watch on TV, create FLV slideshow perfect for posting online to your website, generate MPEG slideshow for mobile devices such as Apple iPod, Miscrosoft Zune, Sony PSP, cellular phone, build photo slideshow video ready for YouTube, MySpace. Just select your photos and videos and drop them in the slideshow, add a custom soundtrack, pick from over 360 stunning transition effects, choose from Hollywood style DVD menu templates, burn onto DVD disc or create MPEG video files for any mobile devices or posting online. It can also generate web photo album for your own photo website.

What is also called a slideshow?

Presentation is also called a slideshow.

How do you get a TEXT slideshow?

you can only get a text slideshow if it is a picture message

How do you say 'slideshow' in french?

un diaporama (but the word slide / slideshow is understood, and used by the younger generations)

How can I make a slideshow of images from Microsoft Paint and put the slideshow on YouTube?

You can not make a slideshow of images from Microsoft Paint. It's only a image editing software. You need a photo slideshow software instead. Now you can either make photo slideshow online or using slideshow software. As for the latter, I highly recommended Photo Story Platinum, many pre-made styles for your photo slideshow.

What is PowerPoint used for?

PowerPoint is a program in the Microsoft Office suite. PowerPoint is used to create slideshow presentations and to present them to an audience.

How do you put music into a slideshow?

It depends on what program you are using to make said slideshow.

What is a slideshow?

Slideshow is about some photo which are collected by photo slideshow software and be converted to video,movie,DVD,album and other style that express the photos.

How do you pause a slide in PowerPoint?

There are several keyboard shortcuts to pause a slideshow:"S" pauses the slideshow and pressing it again resumes the slideshow."B" pauses the slideshow and displays a black screen. Press B again to resume."W" pauses the slideshow and displays a white screen. Press W again to resume.

How do you make a slideshow of pictures in multiplycom?

Photo MovieTheater is a nice slideshow maker software.

Is a slideshow a craft?


When was Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players created?

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players was created in 2000.

Slideshow can be started by pressing what function key?

Press F5 to start a slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How many times has Al Gore givin his slideshow?

he has given the slideshow more then 1000 times

How To Make A Slideshow?

You may need some slideshow maker software to help you out, like Photo Flash Maker, UltraSlideshow Flash Creator, Flash Photo Slideshow, etc.