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You can create a Gmail account on mobile too. If you have a Gmail app, you see an option of creating account. This will take you through various steps before forming it.


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Gmail account can be created for anyone. This account deals with sending and receiving mails. You need to fill in the details in order to create the gmail account.

Go to the Gmail homepage, click Create Account, and enter your information from there.

I have a Gmail account and i did'nt have to pay for it. just create a account on google..because if you have google you have Gmail!!

You can't create a gmail account unless your 13 or up.

Yes you can get an answers account with Gmail. You have to login via Gmail or Google Account. It asks you to create your Google+ profile as well.

You can create a Gmail account to replace other internet account. This can be done by opening the Gmail home page. Signing up and filling required details is the key.

That is not possible, you must create a new GMail account.

you go to and you go to gmail accounts

Go to the Gmail homepage, and click 'Create Account.'

You have to create a new Gmail account in order to change it. The Gmail account already cannot be changed. You can export the contacts and the mails in new one.

You cannot create a Gmail account for children below 13 years. You cannot create even if you are a parent. Gmail accounts can only be created for 13+ aged children.

go to google and there press gmail and then u will open the window and there choose create an new account

you can create a gmail account legally at the age of 18

Go to Google, then in the top corner click on Gmail and then click "Create Account"

You can always create a new account easily on Gmail. In that new account, you can use the feature of Import. Importing imports all the mails and folders to the new account.

You can create a new Gmail address via Gmail website. You have to click on Sign in via the top link. This will ask for details and create your account.

There are various names for an account in Gmail. You must create an account name similar to your name. It would be easier to remember that.

Google makes it a very easy experience to set up a Gmail account. First, you need to go to Then, click on Create An Account. Fill out the form, and you have a gmail account.

To create a Gmail account one must go to Google webpage, press the "Gmail" word which is written on the upper tab, click the "Create an account" button on the upper right hand side. And Fill up the necessary information then click "Submit" button.

No, Gmail is an email company. You can make a Gmail Account @ Click "Create An Account" (bottom right/under the sign in stuff) Hope this helped! :)

Gmail account is completely free of cost. This account can just be created with some details. An internet connection is needed to create it.

Every Gmail account has a settings button. It helps to create and configure the settings of account. It is present just above the top mail.

Log out of your account. At the log in page you can click new user and create a new account.

You cannot convert a hotmail account to Gmail. You need to create a new one to replace other. However you can import contacts from hot mail to Gmail.

No, it is not legal to create a account at 10. The minimum age should be 13 to create it. Below that, i.e. 10 you can't create an account.

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