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..for bare wood, unfinished or stripped furniture, stain it the desired color and put on 2 coats of shellac, (fine steel wool before 2nd coat), then a coat of paste wax..this is authentic looking, though it requires periodic waxing and wont hold up to water rings from drink glasses. ..alternatively, your local paint store or decorating center should have a selection of paint finishes, such as a pickled look, or a paint undercoat with a surface glaze put on over the paint and then wiped off.

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Q: How do you create an antique look for your furniture?
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How can you produce antique furniture?

You can produce a reproduction of antique furniture, but the word antique implies that it is both original and old. There are many staining and painting techniques to make something look old.

Where should I look for antique home furniture?

A great place to look for older style furniture would be your local antique shops. Also, you could check out home design magazines for unique inspiration.

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Antique furniture tends to be on the more expensive side, depending on how old it is and who manufactured the furniture. To get a good deal on antique furniture it is best to visit an antique store or flea market to get the most out of your money.

How can antique furniture benefit your home?

Antique furniture may support the human body and is considered a form of decorative art, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose and works to create a comfortable and convenient interior spaces.

How is antique furniture made different from modern furniture?

Modern furniture reflects simplicity along with comfort. Antique furniture reflects several periods of style.

Complementing Your Antique Patio Furniture?

A great way to keep your antique patio furniture with an evenly decorative ambiance is to purchase them by matching sets. Sticking to a certain theme of decorations for your patio will help to keep it nice and beautiful. Getting a sense of your garden's layout can also be helpful for choosing just the right antique patio furniture. Your garden will surely look great with a wide collection of antique patio furniture.

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One can find antique furniture that is well taken care of at an antique store. In certain instances, you might be lucky to find antique furniture that is well taken care of at a garage sale, also.

How to find reputable antique furniture repair places?

I have some antique furniture in need of repair. I want to find someone who specializes in antique funiture so that my items don't get damaged. What is the best way to find reputable antique furniture repair places?

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There are many places where one could purchase an antique bed. One looking to purchase an antique bed should look at HOM furniture stores, Boston Store, Macy's, and local antique shops.

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Antique furniture is known for its uniqueness and durability. purchasing antique furniture, make sure you are buying from an established and a respected furniture store. Kernow Furniture UK specialises in high quality Georgian and Victorian, 19th to mid-20th Century furniture and have hundreds of vintage and antique items available to buy online.Visit or call +44 1209 316220 now for more details.

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Ebay has some prices on antique furniture. Many people will sell their old pieces on there for a fraction of what it would cost you at a real antique dealer.

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What is a sentence for furniture?

Example sentence - The furniture in the old house was antique.

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There are several antique dealers in the Washington, DC area that sell antique furniture. Kensington Antique Row in Kensington Maryland has over 80 different antique shops and is one of the oldest in the Washington, DC area. Downtown Frederick Maryland has some of the best antique furniture shopping in the United States and there is another antique mall in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

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How can you tell an antique piece of furniture from a reproduction?

Often the older furniture has a makers mark and a year of production on it. Other than that, you have to look up comparables since the style and finish of furniture runs in cycles.

Is the supply of genuine antique furniture elastic or inelastic?

It is elastic because there is not a lot of supply in genuine antique furniture to keep up with rising prices.