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How do you create drum tabs?

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Find a teacher...learn to read music.By "drum tab", I assume you are referring to the method of writing out a drum part by typing a series of different characters on a grid, which can be easily done using any word processor.

The problem with drum tab is that is extremely counter productive and convoluted. If you want to be able to write out/read drum parts, I suggest that you learn to read standard drum notation, i.e. sheet music.

There is a common misconception that sheet music is difficult to read, and takes years to learn with any degree of proficiency. This is not entirely true. The fact is that, while it is best to learn sheet music from a qualified music instructor, it really isn't very difficult at all. Furthermore, it is much easier to read (and esp. to write!) sheet music.

The basic idea of sheet music is based around the idea of simple fractions. Basically, a "measure" is the basic unit of music (the "one, two, three, four" of Rock Music is a measure) and the "notes" of music are varying divisions of that measure. Hence a "quarter note" is a quarter (1/4) of a measure. That "one, two, three, four" of rock music is actually four quarter notes. Further subdivisions include eighth notes ("one-and two-and three-and four-and").

The division of the note is designated by a "flag" or "bar" on top of the note. This may sound a little difficult, but with the help of someone who knows what they are talking about, it is much, much easier than it sounds. My advice to you is to go to a local music store and ask of they know of any local private instructors that can teach you how to read music. Being able to listen to a song and write out the drum parts in sheet music as well as being able to read music written by other people is a very, very valuable tool.

One more idea for finding a teacher is to call the nearest university (if you have one in your area) music department and ask if they have any percussion majors that are giving private lessons. These people will usually be very knowledgeable and will also be very cheap, as they aren't professional. While they aren't yet of a professional level, they will be able to teach you the basics as competently as most professional teachers will.

Good luck, and happy drumming!


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What is the difference between a guitar tab and drum tabs?

Guitar tabs are for guitar players and drum tabs are for drummers. Guitar tabs tell you how to string a note, on what string and what chords to use for the songs. Drum tabs are basically the same except modified for drums.

Where can you get drum tabs from?

One site is 911 tabs. Also, you could use MX tabs.

What is FT on drum tabs?

Floor tom. It is the drum that has legs on it and sits on the floor. (Not the bass drum)

What is HF on drum tabs?

hihat with foot.

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on the internet

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i know it means somthing

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try tab 911

What does F mean in a drum set?

In tabs it could possibly stand for Floor (as in floor tom)or If you mean F on the staff________________________________________________________________________________________-> ______________________bass drum

What is the drum tab for the song Ignorance by Paramore?

most drummers i know find the tabs themselves .... or you cant check at youtube drum cover ..

Can you have Drum tabs to love story? that site has it

How would you create sound from a drum?

Tap it or tap it with drum sticks

How does a drum create music?

You bang on it.

Jonas Brothers drum tabs?

I don't play drums (i wish i did) but if you Google Jonas brothers drum tabs you'll get some sites. if you see something like tabs911 go to that site -good luck, hopefuly you can play Australia (i love that song)

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Could someone give you some 10 to 12 hole ocarina tabs?

You can find a nice selection of tabs here: To create your own tabs based off sheet music, you can use the STL ocarina composer which lets you create your own tabs:

Where can you find a drum tab for the ding dong song - Gunther?

You cant find many drum tabs on.the internet, if you were a true drummer you can play a song just by listening to it :)

How do you play all the small things on the drums?

type in and go to the search bar under tabs and type in blink 182 and then click on the one that has the most tabs and go under all the small things and look for the one that has drum tabs in it!!

Is there a difference in drum music and drum tabs?

there is a difference but not a huge one drum music will usually use actual notes and tabs will use a mark different marks will mean different things usually the writer of the tabs will tell you what line is what at what the marks mean in the music it will use half notes or quarter notes and stuff like that and the placement of the note will tell you what to hit the higher notes are usually cymbals and the lower notes are toms and bass so in a way they are different but they are pretty alike to and a lot easier then guitar

Where can you find paramore drum sheet music?

Finding drum sheet music for modern music is not very easy, and tabs are very unreliable. Your best bet is to figure t out by ear, that's what i did.

What are the drum tabs for the Pokemon theme song?

I'm also looking for them, but I found only this: I hope I've helped you.

How is the drum used?

It depends on the type of drum, but usually by hitting it with your hand or other implement to create sound in the hollow inside.