How do you create the illusion you're levitating?

age old question

they put metal under where they are going to perform they illusion and put very high strength magnets in there shoe.there whole shoe has manets all over it.(Actual Levitation)


Fold your arms, close your eyes, and float gently off the ground. Until you have mastered the trick of de-levitating, that is, of returning to earth, do not float too high, lest you break the gravity barrier and go off into space forever.


Well, this guy on the street corner sold me magic fairy mixture. Then, I flew through the clouds until the purple elephants came and got me. He called it "LSD"


Go into a space ship and go to outer space! Oh wait, that's not an illusion...


Flying is the trick of throwing yourself at the ground and missing (for more information on this, read the 'The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' series. It's a good series of books)

I once ate a magical mushroom and flew off into the sunset and was chased by the flying monkeys and a brigade of vicious garden gnomes.