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How do you crochet a Mickey Mouse doll?


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December 07, 2009 3:54PM

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find instructions for crocheting a Mickey Mouse doll. The reason being is that Mickey Mouse is covered by copyright laws or trademark laws, with Disney Productions (or some-such). From what I understand, Disney goes after most anyone who publishes instructions for a Character owned by Disney.

I remember reading about this somewhere (I can't specifically remember). Disney doesn't want poorly made copies of their famous characters out in the public, to ruin the brand that they have created. Sorta' makes sense from a business sort of view.

However, I have found places which sell copies of Disney characters ready to be cross-stitched. I'm not sure how the sellers are "getting away" with doing this, my personal guess would be that Disney hasn't gone looking for this in a while, so the sellers (specifically), haven't been told to "cease and desist."

I would say the best way you could get a pattern for a Mickey Mouse would be to design it yourself, and make it for your personal use.