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How do you cross the white bars in the safari zone with the acro bike in Pokemon Emerald?

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just use b left/right at the same time ------------------------------------------------------------ press up and B at the same time to go up and down and B to jump down.

2007-05-01 17:54:11
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Q: How do you cross the white bars in the safari zone with the acro bike in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where is the safari zone in Pokemon Black and White?

there isn't a safari zone in Pokemon black and white

How do you get over the white things in the safari zone in Pokemon sapphire?

Ride the Acro Bike and do bike jumps to cross over the white things.

How do you cross white bridges in emerald?

you can cross the white bridges in emerald,but you'l have to use acro bike to passandyou have to jump.

Which is better the PokΓ©mon from emerald or the PokΓ©mon from white?

Pokemon from white are WAY better than pokemon from emerald.

How do you get pass the little white lines in the safari zone in emerald?

acro bike and hop

How do you find thunderous?

Thunderus is not in Pokemon Emerald.. it is in Pokemon White.. come on guys..

Can you transfer Pokemon from Ruby Sapphire Emerald to Pokemon White?

First you have to migrate the Pokemon to diamond(have to beat elite 4) Then you trade the Pokemon to Pokemon white

Where do you catch phanpy inpokemon emerald?

you can get phanpy in the safari zone get the acrobike and go to the white poles in safari the go across toget phanpy heracross andmore phanpy

White rock in Pokemon Emerald?

The white rock in Pokemon Emerald can be found outside the space centre in Mossdeep City. This rock seems to hold much significance to the people living in the area.

Where do you catch heracross on Pokemon emerald?

Heracross is in the Safari Zone. Use an Acro Bike to get across the poles (white lines) and go North. The areas there hold Heracross (they are rare and hard to catch so beware).

How do you get the white rock in Pokemon Emerald?

The white rock is in Mossdeep City in front of the space center.

How do you use the poke block case in Pokemon emerald?

Go to your bag, go to Key Items, and then click it to open it. If you have made pokeblocks in the contest hall, you can feed one to your pokemon. If you are in the safari zone, walk up to a white platform, press A, and you will have the option of putting a pokeblock on to attract wild pokemon.

How do you get past the white tube things with your bike in the safari zone in Pokemon emerald?

if you want to ride on them just go forward to hope them you need to push the up or down button (depending on direction) and the B button to hop them

What bike do you use to get across white bars in Pokemon emerald?

The Mach Bike.

Where do you fight Steven stone in Pokemon emerald?

on the top floor in a white building

On Pokemon emerald what is that white thing in lily cove?

Nothing.It just represents a Chimecho because its the city's pokemon.

How do you cross the long bridge in Pokemon Black and White?

You walk...

How do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon White 2?

Rayquaza does not appear in White 2 and must be transfered from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald via Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

Rocket launches in Pokemon Emerald?

Fakes. There's no such things about rocket and white stone.

Can you capture a Rayquaza on Pokemon black or white?

No. You have to either get it in HeartGold or SoulSilver or transfer it from Emerald.

Can you send a mystery gift from Pokemon white or black to Pokemon Black or white?

Unfortunately, in Pokemon Black and White, you cannot interact, (trade, battle etc.), with the other versions, (Platinum, Silver, Emerald etc.). only with Black and White is where you can interact.

How do you breed Pokemon in Pokemon Red?

you cant only in Pokemon gold, silver, crystal, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and pearl and in black and white(:

How to cross white bridges in Pokemon sapphire?

Use the Acro Bike.

How do you cross the bridge in Pokemon Black and White version's Entralink?


Where is the white stone needed to go to space in Pokemon Emerald?

the space station in mossdeep city