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Hiccups are spasmodic rises of the diaphragm beneath the lungs, usually caused by nerve stimulus or digestive irregularities. They can usually be stopped by increasing the carbon dioxide content of the lungs (breathing in and out of a paper bag, for example). Drinking water or consuming certain foods may stop hiccups, when stomach irritation is the location of the cause.

Hiccup Cures

*If you notice ALL the answers regarding drinking, swallowing upside down, singing hanging from an antique willow bush at noon on Tuesday while sipping wine,...the thing they all have in common is the need to hold your breath while disguised as some other nonsense behavior. Somewhere beneath the diaphragm is a nerve called the vagus nerve that causes spasms in the diaphragm and causes hiccups. The cure is carbon dioxide. Enough repetitions of holding your breath builds up enough carbon dioxide and stops hiccups.

This is the most consistent method for getting rid of hiccups. This only works though if you catch it early though.

In severe cases, there is a surgical procedure where they clip the nerve that makes you hiccup.

Suggested Methods

  1. If you hold your breath and swallow three times you can get rid of your hiccups.
  2. Get a bucket of water. Stick your head into the bucket of water 3 times and pull it out .
  3. Eat a teaspoonful of sugar.
  4. Take a breath and hold for as long as you can. Repeat until they are gone (do this sitting down in case you get light-headed).
  5. Drink water from a cup upside down. Tip your head down, and drink from the opposite side of the cup.
  6. You just plug up your ears (like shrugging your shoulders or pressing that little flap in front of the ear hole) and drink water for about 5-10 seconds.
  7. Hold your breath, and go into a series of contortions for at least 20 seconds, then it stops.
  8. Stand on your head.
  9. Swallow 3 times with your mouth closed.
  10. Pinch your nose and close your mouth and try to release air without opening your mouth or letting go of your nose. (Caution : some air may be forced through your tear ducts.)
  11. Gulp down a glass of water.
  12. Eat a piece of dry bread slowly.
  13. Gargle water.
  14. Hold your breath and count backwards from 20.
  15. You need two people. Bill has hiccups Ben doesn't. Ben says to Bill, "I'll give you £5/$5 if you hiccup again and then Bill will not hiccup!
  16. Breathe in through your nose, counting to 3, then breath out through your mouth counting to 5 repeat and hiccups are gone!
  17. Swallow a tablespoon of peanut butter (for those not allergic), as it coats and suppresses the action of the vagus nerve and allows it to calm down. Other cures don't do that long enough for tough cases.
  18. Another way is to take in a BIG breath of air, then without letting it out, take a sip of water and swallow hard. If you feel the water going down your throat, the hiccups should be gone!
  19. Keep drinking something until the hiccups are gone.
  20. Drink out of the wrong side of a glass. To drink from the wrong side of the glass, put water in a glass (not too full) and hold it under your chin so that you can put your lips on the opposite side of the glass rim from usual and slowly bend forward letting the water go into your mouth and sip several swallows, repeat until the hiccups are gone.
  21. Another way is to fill a glass of water up all the way, Take a butter knife, put it in the glass with the water, and drink the water while looking up at the knife.
  22. Hold your breath while drinking a glass of water, it works very well.
  23. This sounds strange but it really works. Keep something really sour, such as; "Sweet Tarts, Sour Balls, Jolly Ranchers (chewy), or Ice Breakers Sours" around. Not a bad cure at all. Pucker up!
  24. Stand on your head against a wall counting from 100 to 1. It will always get rid of them, but it takes time!
  25. It takes a little bit of practice, but plug both your ears and nose at the same time, while taking as long a drink of any liquid (preferable not carbonated) through a straw.
  26. Drink a cup of sugar-salt-water. Mix 2 cups of water and a teaspoon or sugar and add a pinch of salt
  27. Tilt your head back, plug your nose, roll your eyes 7-10 times and say "vavavavava". Repeat steps once or twice.
  28. Get someone else to help you do this. Make them say, "Look me in the eyes and let me hear you hiccup." You will stare and stare but you won't hiccup again. IT REALLY WORKS! (Mental suggestion cures at least 20% of all cases.)
  29. Open your mouth real wide and the hiccups won't come out.
  30. Fill a glass of water. Cross your arms over and put your index fingers in your ears (right index finger in left ear and left index finger in right ear). Get someone to feed you the water, and drink the entire glass without stopping.
  31. Fill a glass with some warm water and put a little bit of water in your mouth, and count "1,2,3". Swallow it,and then repeat, but count "4,5,6" (so basically you count up) all the way up to 21. It works all the time. (It cures 90-95% of all hiccups)
  32. Depending on how much your mouth can handle (with puffing your cheeks out) fill a glass or bottle with water and pour as much as you can have in your mouth into your mouth, and swallow.
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Q: How do you cure hiccups?
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If you want to cure the hiccups you have to make a medicine using plants.

Can pineapple cure hiccups?

Sorry to dissapoint, but pineapple definietly can no cure hiccups. hiccups go and come whenever they like. Trust me i have tried every possible thing to make my hiccups go when every i had them but they just wont go.

Does standing on your head cure hiccups?

No it does not

How do you cure dogs hiccups?

my dog had hiccups . you just give your dog water and it won't hiccup

How do you cure hiccups in a cat?

feed them pizza

How can you cure hiccups in Virtual Families?

Drag the person who has the hiccups onto the bathroom sink, they will drink water, and the hiccups will be cured. If it is the first time that you are curing hiccups, you will receive a trophy.

What is the cure for hicupps?

to cure hiccups is drinking a quarter bottle of maple syrup. honestly it works i done it yesterday as the Brit awards were on

Why do you get hiccups and what is a way to stop them?

i have no idea how you get hiccups you could probably find it on Wikipedia but the best cure i know is to have a lime slice dip it in sugar then your hiccups are gone this is what i always did hope it helped :)

In medieval times what did they use to cure hiccups?

they drink lot of water

'Does drinking water upsidedown cure hiccups?

No. Well it never works on me.

Who cure serius cases of hiccups?

suck on peppermints try it, it helps

What over the counter meds can you take to get rid of hiccups?

You don't need to take any meds to cure hiccups. Just have a little peanut butter!

Why does holding in your breath cure hiccups?

The mechanism of action that causes hiccups is the result of a diaphragm spasm. By holding your breath, drinking a full glass of water and such you cause the diaphragm to relax and therefore stop the spasms and hiccups.

How do you solve hiccups?

There is no way to permanently solve the hiccups. However, a great cure is to place a paper towel over a cup of water and take a few sips out of the cup. If the hiccups are still present, take a few more sips to ensure the hiccups will be gone.

How do you instantly cure the hiccups?

You canot instantly cure the hiccups because it involves a spasm of a large muscle (your diaphragm). The best way to get rid of your hiccups is to hold your breath until you feel as though you are going to pass out. But prevention is even better. If you get the hiccups a lot you might want to stay away from sodas and other beverages with carbonation-like beer. And no straws for you-the act of sipping through the straw increases the amount of gas in your stomach and therefore your chances of getting the hiccups.

Why does a spoon of sugar cure hiccups?

i don't know but it wil be really bad for your teeth

Why does sugar cure hiccups?

It does not. Although there are many ideas that work for different people, hiccups are a synchronous diaphragmic flutter, caused by a disturbed diaphragm.

How do you cure the hiccups on virtual families?

Drag a person over in the kitchen and have them get a drink, then it will give you a trophie! :)

Can Laughter can cure hiccups?

No, it makes your hicups even worse because your laughing about it, <3

How do you cure someone with hiccups in virtual families?

It's easy, just drag them to the sink and have them drink water. Same way u cure it in real life.

What happens when you mix vinegar and sugar?

Sadly nothing, although it does work well to cure hiccups. Fill a spoonfull up of vinegar and some sugar, swallow, and hiccups are gone.

How do you cure hiccups on virtual families?

Easy. Just drag them to the kitchen or bathroom sink and they'll drink their water.

Why do matches and water cure hiccups?

you didn;t even tell us what the heck you DO WITH THEM, but for your sake, i'll tell you its because you believe it will work. every time, its stopped the hiccups, because what your brain does as soon as you treat them is stop thinking about how you have hiccups, and start thinking, in the back of your head, of how you got rid of them.

Does fudge help cure the hiccups?

Probably not, but swallowing a teaspoonful of sugar (without washing it down with water) usually does the trick.

Is it okay to give your 1 month water for hiccups?

It's okay to drink water to cure the hicups but don't overdo it.

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