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You can use bandelettes. They go on your inner thighs and stay in place with silicone. Bandelettes keep your thighs from rubbing together and preventing chafing.

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Q: How do you cure inner leg Chafing?
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What causes outer thigh rashes?

A local allergic reaction to some material chafing the leg, much as inner thigh rashes are caused by sweaty thighs chafing one another when walking fast or when overweight.

What causes an itchy patch on inner lower thigh?

COULD be chafing but it might not be

Is there anything you can do to get the color back in the skin of your inner thighs if it has changed because they have rubbed together for years?

What is happening is called chafing in your inner thigh. It happens alot to people. Try Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel.

What are some easy ways to cure chaffing?

Petroleum jelly can prevent skin chafing from happening, if spread on places that are susceptible. Cornstarch helps treat chafing. If needed, hydrocortisone cream may be prescribed by a doctor. Products like Body Glide can also treat chafing.

How do you cure leg aches?

you cure a leg ache by putting rice in a old sock and put it in a microwave for a minuete or two then take it out and wrap it around youre leg.

How do you cure a rash on your leg?

u get medicine for it!

What is inner seam of jeans?

The seam on the inside of the leg from the crotch to the bottoms of the leg.

What is the medical term meaning inner part of the upper leg?

Medial thigh is the medical term meaning inner part of the upper leg.

How do you cure a limping dog's leg?

Take him to the veterinarian.

How do you cure a broken leg in the 1800?

cut it off

Can acupuncture cure paralysis of hand and leg?


What cure for baby boneless leg?

Consult a doctor.

How can you cure a bee with leg pain?

um... you dont.

How do you cure a leg if it has an injury?

depends on the injury, there are many ways to injure your legs. Is there a certain place on your leg it hurts? Is it a muscle or bone? The cure depends on the injury

How do you prevent chafing?

Apply Baby powder or body powder where you are chafing You can also use body glide where you are chafing.

Rash around private parts not on them inner leg and lower navel area?

Rash around private parts not on them inner leg and lower navel area

How do you use chafing in a sentence.?

The buy was chafing his older sister while she was trying to do her homework. Chafing means irritate and its an adj

Whats inside leg and outside leg?

Inside leg - Measurement of a trouser length from the crotch down the inner seam to the bottom.

What is a chafing plate?

A chafing plate or chafing dish is a shallow pan or dish used to keep food warm at a table or on a buffet.

Is there any cure for Sweat rash on the inner thigh?

I have the same problem, everytime i wear trousers my thighs sweat which then my trousers get slightly soaked which is really bugging me. I have been looking for a cure as well and have found out that there is a product called 3B Action Anti-Chafing and Anti-Sweat Rash Cream apparently the doctors have approved it which of what i have read so far you can get it from prescription or order it online.

1800s how to cure a broken leg?

A broken leg in the 1800s was treated with a rudimentary splint. Two twigs were positioned around the leg and tied in place.

How do you cure the bleed on my hamster's leg?

Put some antibiotic cream on it.

How did they cure a broken leg in the 1800s?

with 2 sticks and some tape

How does bar soap under your sheets cure leg cramps?

It doesn't.

Pain in inner ingle right side of leg?

Hernia ingunal