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How do you cut a cats nails?

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You really need to have your vet do this for you. There is a quick in cats nails that you can hardly see, like a vien in the blood, this quick should never be touched

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Why must an inside cat have nails cut regularly?

Cats shed their nails, so they don't need to have them cut for health reasons. Most people cut their cat's nails in an attempt to save their furniture. It helps, but even with cut nails, cats are still able to claw things.

Should you cut nails off cats if they aggressive?

no its animal cruelty

Why not to cut nails on Saturdays?

There is no reason to not cut your nails on Saturday.

How do you remove cats nails permanently?

Call the vet they will remove the cats claws for a fee. They will have to put your cat to sleep and then they cut the claws off then they stitch them up.

Can you cut chicken nails?

Yes, a chickens nails can be filed or cut.

Why do cats need their nails clipped?

Cats DO NOT need their nails clipped, to attempt to do this to a cat would be extremely cruel. Cats have retractable nails and thy maintain them by scratching at a scratching post or tree bark. Cats nails sharpen themselves by flaking as the cat scratches.

How do cats hide their nails?

Cats have retractable claws .

How should nails be cut?

Nails should be cut straight across to avoid ingrown toe-nails and cuticle damage.

What do you use to cut your hamsters nails?

you don't need to cut your hamsters nails because they usually bite them to make it shorter. But if you like, you can take it to a vet or a grooming place and they will help you cut their nails. I wouldn't attempt to try to cut their nails.

How do you get your cat to not scratch you that much?

Cut the nails or play with it nicely. They use the claws for protection and young cats use them to play fight.

How do you clip my cats nails?

You should not clip a cats nails, as they are retractable you may damage the cat. A cat will care for its own nails if you provide it with a scratching post.

Do cats lose nails?

they dont have nails-they have claws, and i think it is possible.

Why do not feel pain s to cut your nails?

You do not feel pain when you cut your nails because your nails do not contain any nerves that can cause pain.

How do you cut our nails?

By the nail cut. It should cut nails, and remove dirt from them. It also needed to be in its own place, to not lose it.

Can cats nails break?


How do you cut your nails?

With scissors!

What happens when you dont cut a dog's nails?

If you don't your dog's nails they can grow to the point where they start breaking of and cut the "quick"open and their nails willstart bleeding

Do guinea pigs still walk with there nails cut?

yes, they actually walk better with their nails cut i get them cut at the veterinarians office because it will be uncomfortable to them if you cut them too short.

How often do you have to cut guinea pigs nails?

You should cut your guinea pigs nails once they start to curl up at the ends. DO NOT CUT THE PINK PART. The pink part of their nails contains blood vessels.

Why you should cut your nails?

its important to cut your nails often because if you let them grow long they might can cause death but its not bad to have long nails just be careful.

How do you know when you should cut your guinea pig's nails?

I believe you are supposed to cut a guinea pigs nails once a year.

How to cut dogs nails?

cut only the tips of the dogs nails or else you could harm the dog, or ruin the nail.

Do your nails grow faster after you cut them?

your nails will grow at the same rate if you cut them but if you want to make them longer you can put your nails in chlorine for 5 minutes a day to make them longer.

Why do cats claws come out and in from their paws?

Well it's like the way we have hands and nails so there claws are there nails so they kinda come on the cats command

Can you cut your hamsters nails?

No, not really

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