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Don't try it without having an architect engineer it for you first. Trusses are an engineered product. If the integrity of the truss is compromised you might have some serious problems.

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Q: How do you cut an 8 inch bottom cord on a truss so you can put in 4 foot stairs when trusses are 2 feet on center?
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Are truss bridges rectangular?

No. A truss bridge is composed of trusses

What are the types of trusses?

there are basically only 2 types of trusses the King post truss and the Queen post truss. all other names are based on applications of the truss.

Why is the truss bridge named the truss bridge?

the rectangular things on the side are called trusses. so there for the "truss" bridge

What were the early truss bridges made of?

Truss Bridges=Trusses have been used extensively in bridges since the early 19th Century. Early truss bridges were made of wood.==in additon the classic American covered bridges are all trusses, though the wooden truss members are covered by walls and a roof, for protection from the elements. Later truss bridges were made of cast iron and wrought iron. Most modern trusses are made of structural steel.=

What is the definition of a Truss bridge?

Simply put, a truss bridge is just a bridge built by trusses. Trusses are structural frames composed of triangular pieces/joints. So basically a truss bridge is just many triangular structural frames as a support for the bridge.

Why is the Truss Bridge stronger than the Beam Bridge?

the truss bridge is a type of beam bridge but since the truss has support(trusses) and the beam barely has support it is stronger.

How much do trusses cost?

A truss can cost anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars. The quality of the materials and the size of the truss will change the price.

In what circumstance might you use a scissor truss?

Scissor trusses are used for roofs.

Sentence of truss?

The Victoria Falls bridge is supported by many steel trusses

What are the three assumptions used in analyzing plane trusses?

Truss members are connected only at their ends· Truss members are connected by frictionless pins· Trusses are loaded only at the joints· The weight of the members may be neglectedmembers are uniform

What is sawtooth trusses?

A truss made with one top chord steeper than the other, usually to add windows is called a sawtooth truss

5 different types of trusses?

howe pratt warren K truss baltimore

How do you explain why we use trusses?

define truss why we use truses what is it's rules explain it all

Why are trusses are so useful in structures?

A truss can be used as a bridge or a cantilever, and for many other applications.

What is the difference between a purlin and a truss?

A truss is the structure that holds the roof(or bridge or whatever). Purlins are members holding a few trusses together. A truss is a simple frame made from two force members.

What is a truss system?

A truss system is an aggregation of floor and roof trusses or steel support beams that is in a shape of a triangle. External forces are considered to act only at the nodes. All the joints in a truss are considered as revolutes.

What is the heel of the truss?

The heel of the truss is the end of the truss that sets on the exterior wall. If you've been shopping for trusses, you've probably heard the term: " Energy Heel" An energy heel is taller than other heels to give you room for insulation, you will want to order your trusses with an energy heel if you plan on heating the strucure. Hope this helps

What is better a roof truss or rafter?

They each have their place, but on the same style roof, trusses would be stronger.

Which bridge is stronger a truss or a suspension and why?

well, for my opinion, i think a suspension bridge why: because for of all the cables support the roadway and the two towers looking things at the bottom also supports while for the truss bridge it is only trusses. and if you building a bridge then it depends on what and how you use to build it. good luck!

Can you replace rafters with trusses to raise ceiling height?

Yes. Talk to your local lumber yard and truss designer. $$$

What is a truss roof?

Truss Roof: This refers to a method of constructing the roof using engineered trusses that generally span from exterior wall to exterior wall, eliminating interior bearing walls.

What size lumber would be recommended for the bottom chord on a truss to span a 30 foot clear span pole barn with a osb board and asphalt shingle roofing?

Trusses are engineered components of a building, based on live loads, pitch, span, spacing, other loads that may be placed within the trusses, like attic storage, etc. If you're building to code and with a permit and will be inspected, you will need to present the engineering sheet that comes with a truss order. If you are building them yourself,(which is not legal in most jurisdictions anymore), you should at least work from a set of pre-engineered truss plans. The Extension Service, serving most counties in America, used to offer a book with an assortment of truss plans. I don't know if it is still available. You will find, however, that to build your own trusses you will invest more in nails and gusset material and lumber than it would cost to have them built by a truss plant. As to the size of the bottom cord on a 30' span, they can be sized from 2 X 4 up to 2 X 12, or even greater if they are timber trusses or will be used to support loads such as an overhead trolly. But each truss itself is a set of components all working together to achieve the desired strength, with the bottom cord being just one of those components. And the spacing and bracing of trusses to each other is of equal importance to achieve adequate strength in the building.

What is the physics behind a truss bridge?

A truss bridge uses trusses as the load bearing element of the bridge. Using statics physics, a truss bridge applies Newtonian motion to ensure that the load bearing elements do not go out of a tension/compression equilibrium.

What is a good design for roof trusses?

depend on what you want it to look like a lot of people go with a scissor truss on there houses

How do you build roof trust?

A roof truss must be engineered to perform under specific load requirements. Normally, building codes require a structural engineer's stamp of approval on truss design. Trusses are usually built on a flat surface using various grades of wood, with plywood or metal gussets joining the various pieces of the truss together. Multiple identical trusses are built with the use of a jig.