How do you cut down a tree?

First you need an axe ,manual saw or electric chainsaw. Make sure your axe, manual saw or electric chainsaw is sharp using a file. Then decide which way you want to fell the tree and make a notch shaped like 7 in the direction to fell the tree. To determine the incline of the tree just stand back and close one eye and raise your hand in front of you following the tree to see if the tree is leaning to the left or right. You may have to do this a few times from different angles. One can trim the branches off first .You have to decide if you are going to need wedges and a bar. If the tree is leaning the opposite way you want then you will need them. You also may need them if you misread the lean and the tree goes the wrong way and pinches your saw. Next you need to scarf the tree in the direction you want it to go by cutting across part way in the tree the another cut at a 45 degree angle back to your flat cut across the tree. Then cut from the opposite side of the tree to your scarf in the front. It is key not to cut the tree completely off because you need to leave a hinge in the direction you want it to go. You don't want to make your back cut lower then your scarf in the front either or the tree might go the wrong way. Next when you cut to the hinge of the tree and it doesn't fall put wedges in and fall it or use a fellar bar for smaller trees. Lastly stack back and watch the tree till it falls and look out for flying debris. Note if you are cutting leaning hardwood they can snap back like an elastic and severely hurt you or in some cases kill you with the amount of force they exert.

And make sure that there is nothing you value, like a house, car or friend anywhere near the fall area of the tree!

For a free Do-It-Yourself video of how to "Cut Down a Tree", see related link.