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To obtain the HM Cut, you need to help Bill the Pokemon maniac return to human form using his PC. He'll give you a S.S Anne pass as a reward. Go the Vermilion City, and go to the Isle port. You'll go on a cruise. Go up one of the stairs, and you will find the captain. In the game, he's seasick, you will rub his back, and he'll revive. He'll give you Cut as a reward. After that, go back to the entrance. S.S Anne will depart. Then, after that, teach Cut to one of your Pokemon, and go up to a small tree. The option cut will pop up, and you will be able to use it. While on the cruise, here are some facts and important info:

- The captain will be in his office alone, and you will have to travel two stairways to meet him.

- Be sure to train your Pokemon over 20(at least your main) before departing on the S.S Anne. Before you see the Captain, you will have to battle your rival! no that's wrong you have to get the cascade badge first

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Q: How do you cut down trees in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you use cut in Pokemon FireRed?

You can use cut by pressing A against small/thin trees.

How do you cut trees in Pokemon HeartGold?

You get HM01 Cut from Ilex Forest. Use that to cut down trees.

What Pokemon cuts down the trees on Pokemon platinum?

bidoof and bibarel can cut trees

How do you cut tree in Pokemon Gold?

You need to have a Pokemon that knows Cut. To cut trees, have the Pokemon that knows Cut use it to cut down the tree.

How do you cut down trees in Pokemon Crystal?

You have to get the hm, then, you have to beat bugsy, the Azalea town gym leader. After that, teach it to one of your Pokemon so you can cut down trees.

Where can you trade a Pokemon for an Abra in FireRed?

first go through diglett's cave with a pokemon that knows cut. second go down and cut the trees. if you keep going down you should see a house. go insight and talk to one of the guys. he will give a mr.mime

How do you cut down trees in Pokemon ruby?

One of your Pokemon must know cut and then you go up to the tree and press a to use cut to cut down the tree

How do you cut down trees in Pokemon Yellow version?

Teach HM Cut to a Pokemon and use it on the tree.

What move do you use in Pokemon Platinum to cut down trees?

HM01 Cut

How do you cut a tree in Pokemon FireRed?

you use cut

Who are the people that cut down trees?

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How do you cut down small trees in Pokemon sapphire?

get cut from the cut master in the city w/ the first gym and Devon inc

How do you cut down small trees in pokemon leaf green?

You have to get the HM Cut from the Captain of the ship in Vermillion City.

What is Pokemon move cut?

HM01. Used to cut down trees in the game. Otherwise, a useless move that should never be taught to a main pokemon.

How do you cut in Pokemon FireRed?

you give it to a Pokemon and then click A on a small tree.

Who cut down the Kauri trees?

nobody cut the trees down they just dug for from underground because if they did cut the trees down there would be no more kauri trees left in the world

Where is a Pokemon that knows cut in Pokemon firered version?

Grass Type Pokemon and those who have sharp claws can learn cut.

How do you you CUT trees in Pokemon Blue version?

You have to get the HM01(cut) , teach it to a Pokemon and when you're facing the a tree to cut down open the Pokemon team menu and click on the Pokemon that knows cut and select the cut option. You also need the second gym badge

How do beavers cut trees down?

Beavers clearly cut trees down with their teeth.

Can you cut down trees with a halberd in runescape?

No. You can only cut down trees with an ax.

How any trees are cut down a day?

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How do you get cut in Pokemon Gold?

You can use the HM cut in Pokémon Gold to cut down trees that block the way. You can get cut in Ilex Forest.

How do you get surf without cut in Pokemon FireRed?

where to get surf in Pokemon fire red