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Cutting rafters requires knowledge of rise,run and line length per foot of run and skill with a 'framing square' and power saw. Advanced Roof Framing by Marshal Gross is a good book to read about it.

Home owners should never ,ever cut a rafter. It might be a supporting rafter, and to cut one you need to get a good carpenter,and or consult with someone that knows how to do it and has the knowlege to this type of work.


Heck, it depends on what your rafters are being used on. If you're just making a lean-to in the woods, I wouldn't go to the trouble of consulting a professional. Now, if you're building your new house, it might be over our head, or you still might not need a pro. I don't know how smart you are, you might be a good carpenter. ALL carpenters do not know how to cut rafters, but, most can figure it out, with some instruction. If you think you can learn, and are capable of building whatever it is you're building, then, I say: "Get a book and Go for it ! !

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Q: How do you cut rafters?
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