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This is what worked for us!Hi, We just experienced a similar problem on a 95 Cirrus.The alarm can be deactivated by finding the right wire and deactivating it with a powered resistor. HOWEVER after several weeks of perseverence here is what we found; First check to see if your vehicle had a factory installed alarm system. Your dealer can run the serial number OR more simply check the back of the door lock cyliners. IF the cylinders have built in switches chances are replacement of same will solve the problem. This is where it gets interesting............if your car did not have a factory installed alarm system it means someone has replaced the engine control module with a recycled part from a vehicle that did have a factory alarm systm. In simple terms the ECM eventualy teaches the body control module to set the alarm, you know, that annoying honking, flashing lights, no engine! The solution is replacing BOTH modules.The new modules will set themselves accordingly. These are available exchange from your dealer. There is a place back east (at least in Canada there is) that reconditions the modules as new and distributes them through the dealers. I know what you're thinking....I'll save money with recycled parts..........well that's what the last guy did and that's why you got that car for a good deal! So good luck and if that doesn't work I have a great one on my car lot with new modules. I sincerely hope this saves you a lot of time and money. Steve Ash, Neighbourhood Auto Body Ltd. Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
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Q: How do you cut the voltage to the factory alarm on a 1995 cirrus where and what color is the wire?
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