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How do you date a black girl?


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2009-02-15 02:07:00
2009-02-15 02:07:00

The same way you'd date any girl, compassionately.

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he can date a black girl. it's his choice. w can't make decisions for him.

He would date a black girl,He said he would date one he would date any race especally a black girl.

I think that if he falls in love with a black girl that he would date a black girl. because race doesn't matter.

yes nick il date a black girl

well according to.....im a girl no i wouldn't

i think joe would proberbly date a black girl. Im black and i luv joe Jonas soooooooo yeh i think he would go out with a black girl but only if their preety, the Jonas brothers arn`t racist sooooo yes he would date any black girl

I don't know but if he did date a black girl that would be awesome

yes he will date anyone he falls in love with!

If your a nice pretty girl he should

it depends what type of girl you are it depends what type of girl you are

He has never been known to have dated a black girl.

yes, he will date a black girl. As he said it before on many interviews,"I want a girl who is funny, has a great personality, and cute" so it doesnt really matter what race you are. Hope my answer helped :)

yeah! As well as he'd date a white girl i guess

I would think so if he likes the girl and her personality.

Justin bieber won't just date any girl they have too be down to earth, have a hart of gold, and they have too like him for him not his money but he would date a black girl he doesn't care about the color of your skin he cares about whats inside

Maybe. Idk becuz it depends on your personalty he should follow Justin beiber and date any color girl

Yes he will as long as its me hahaha

well all of the Jonas brothers cant date the same girl but Kevin has dated a tall blck girl her name was somona

He likes any kind of girl! All he cares about is their personality. :)

he loves blond girls but he can fal in love with a black girl

i dont see y not im muslim and im dating a black guy

Yes. Race should not define love.

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