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How do you date a girl long distance?


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to date a girl from long distance you can date through a web cam.

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It depends on the girl, where she is in her life and what she's looking for. If she's just casually dating then she'll stay in the long distance relationship for as long as possible but if she's looking for marriage then she won't stick around for long

no , because long distance couples never work .

Ofcourse! He would date any type of girl as long you are a girl

hes not racist. he will date any girl as long as he loves her.

No as long as you love her.

Tall Girl=Long legs= super sex

The same ones you would use if it was not a long distance relationship.

Yes and he says he will date any aged girl as long as he likes her

Answer Long distance relationships rarely work. You have your needs, she will too and are the two of you to obstain from sex just because of distance, a good question you may want to ask yourself before trying to contact this girl.

no they were long distance friends and they even did a song together

I say if you still talk to her call her your friend but if you to are ok with long distance relashionships the your girlfriend

yes he do believe in long distance relationships because he wont give up a girl..

Normally, long distance relationships dont work out too well but the best way too keep a girl in a long distance relationship is to call or text her every morning and night, just to make her feel that you are there for her, although separated by large distances.

Of course! Anyone can date any other person in the world, as long as both communicate with each other and know each is dating the other person. The Internet does wonders for long-distance dating!

Yes. Long distance relationship with a girl from Inglewood.

yes he said he will date any type of girl... as long as they have a good humor

I think that is okay if both sides are happy they can go for date it's just 3 years distance between boy and girl so no matter

From what I have read long ago, it was AJ who dated Joe. They couldn't maintain a long distance relationship for long.

Yes, he has said himself in an interview. As long as the girl is nice and smart, he would date her.

I think Justin Bieber would date any girl that he wants to no matter what. (As long as she says yes)

Yes he will as long as its me hahaha

yes the legal limit is four years difference and you are only say just be carefull with long distance relatinships.

yeah he is only two years older than her. If she is up for doing a long distance relationship then she should go for it.

Zayn would date anyone as long as he loves her and she loves him :)

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