How do you date on gta sanandreas?

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Mission skip codes of gta sanandreas for laptop?

How to skate in gta sanandreas

How do you get a cop uniform in gta 4?

you can only get a cop suit if you date a lady named Babera Steveheart on sanandreas

How can you have a look at the in GTA sanandreas?

Please specify what..

How do you fly supermanin GTA sanandreas?

No where, its a mod.

Is there a GTA sanandeas stories?

No, There is no gta sanandeas stories. There is only Gta Vc Stories. After SanAndreas you can go for GTA 4.

Cheat for GTAsanandreas snow PC GTAsanandreas PC cheats?

all of the sanandreas cheats are available in gta sanandreas snow

Is there ever going to be a gta sanandreas stories on psp?

Probably not.

Will gta sanandreas be available on ps2?

Yes it is available on ps2.

What is the code to spwn a hummer in gta sanandreas?

h2 hummer

Did cj will sleep in GTA sanandreas?

Nope. He can't sleep.

What game is better GTA sanandreas or GTA 5?

its up to personal opinion but GTA 5 is newer and i personally like it better

How do you become vagina in gta sanandreas?

You don't become a vagina in the game

Where do you find the dukes of hazzard car on GTA sanandreas?

in sanfaro at the stadeom

Is there 2player in GTA sanandreas?

Yes, there is hidden 2 player locations.

Top 5 grand theft auto games?

gta sanandreas gta 4 gta vice city gta liberty city gta vice city stories

What is theswimming cheat in vice city?

There is no cheat because of which you can swim in GTA vice city.You can swim in GTA SanAndreas.

Is gta sanandreas available on ps2?

Yes it is a high selling PS2 game

Vice city cheats for plane?

There is no cheat for plane in GTA Vice City.You can get plane in gta SanAndreas by jumpjet cheat.

How yo get parachute in Grand Theft Auto vice city?

No you cannot get parachute in GTA vice city.You can get that in Gta Sanandreas.

How to free download Grand Theft Auto SANANDREAS for iphone?

To download GTA Sanandreas on an iPhone is easy. All you have to do is go to your play store and download the game.

Which GTAhas the most mods?

im sure that GTA sanandreas has the most mods and the coolest =]

How can you swim in Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

You can't swim.You can do that in GTA SanAndreas.

What is the flood cheat gta sanandreas for ps2?

x x x square 2times

How can you turn off the cars engine in gta sanandreas?

By getting out of the car. Otherwise, it stays on.

How much is GTA sanandreas cost?

dependig on where you are it may cost from 50 dollors to 100