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How do you date someone if you're not allowed to date?


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You shouldn't lie to parents, it's not something that should be recommended about. You should sit down with parents and talk about the pros with your parents, then set up some boundaries to please them, I'm sure something like that will work.

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Teens should be allowed to date because they like someone in a way that they want to share with someone just like an adult. They shouldn't be judged if they date someone, you see it all the time just keep a close eye on the teens when they date. They may get to caught up in the moment.

it doesnt really matter how old someone is but who the parent is because someone could not be allowed to date and they could be 17 while someone with different paretns would allow their kid to date someone when they are 12.

i think it varies on the individual. i think once they get into middle school they should be allowed to date if they can actually find someone to date. i, for example, was never actually sure of a specific age at which i was allowed to date. when i was younger i knew i wasn't allowed, but as i got older i wasn't so sure, and thereby assumed that i would be allowed to date whenever i actually found someone who i thougt was worth it. i didn't start dating until i was 15. however, i would have probably been allowed to date someone when i was 13 had i found someone. my cousin's first boyfriend was when we were like 12, and yet she never kissed until she was like 15. try not to be overprotective, just go with what feels right.14 to 16

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Try to be honest. Just explain that your parents wont let you date anyone and say that you still want to be friends.

There are no laws for dating just for sex. So if you are allowed to date this person or not is up to your parents.

It is not illegal to date a minor, but any sexual activity would be considered statutory rape until the younger party reaches the age of consent, which can vary based on the jurisdiction.

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