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Answer de-restricting a ts 50

They are restricted by having-

12mm, maybe 10mm carb

Tiny airbox.

very conservative port timing.

Very restrictive exhaust with baffles inside the expansion chamber which cant be removed, unless you cut it open. Plus a crap can.

Buy a big one, or DEP or similar expansion chamber and matching can. Get it jetted to suit and you might hit 4, or EVEN 5 BHP.

Raise the exaust port, and it will hit 45mph.

THEN you have the problem of piss poor brakes and super soft suspension.

In short, easiest thing is a new exhaust system. (big one)

Could try carbon reeds, but they wont make any difference unless you have the exhaust done. Plus, the intake is part part piston ported and part reed controled, so i doubt the reeds will make much difference.

Good luck.

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Q: How do you de-restrict a ts50 x or er motorbike?
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