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had same problem with mine it will be the bonet switch, to deactivate the bonet switch there is a two wire plug in on the bonet catch itself you might have to unbolt bonet catch to be able to diconnect. once you have disconnected wires you will need to brigde the wries in the disconnected plug so alarm thinks bonet is closed all the time, alram will stop going off now. the alarm will work as normal apart from the bonet witch now won't be alramed all doors and boot will be.

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How do you disable flashing airbag light in a 2002 Ford Mondeo?

Try some switch-cleaner on the yellow connecting plug under the passenger seat!

How do you disable the seat belt alarm in a 2008 mondeo?

Ignition on (do not start motor) Buckle seatbelt 9 times and then unbuckle seatbelt Ignition off Seatbelt alarm is now disabled

Is a 2001 mondeo mk2 or mk3?

depends on the shape of your mondeo

When was Ford Mondeo created?

Ford Mondeo was created in 1993.

Will a mondeo v6 ghia starter fit a mondeo st24 v6?


Where is the horn fuse in a 1998 model mondeo?

where is a fuse for the car horn on a 1998 mondeo

How were Ford Mondeo car sales in 2002?

Ford Mondeo sales were high in 2002. Ford Mondeo was the fifth highest selling car in the entire UK in 2002.

125k what oil for mondeo si?

what oil do i top up with on my ford mondeo 2.0si at 122k

Where is the engine number on a Ford Mondeo zetec 2.0?

were is the engine number on a mondeo diesel 2010

Why does speedometer go on and off on Ford Mondeo?

old ford mondeo its classic about 120 or 140

Dash clocks not work on mondeo zetec?

Where can you find a fuse box for mondeo mk3 lx

What goes faster a vaxhall insignia or a Ford Mondeo st?

a ford mondeo st by 70mph

How do you change Ford Mondeo vss for y reg?

how adjast timing chain for mondeo 2005

How many cc in a 4 cylinder Ford Mondeo Diesel?

a 34 ford mondeo diesel

How do you remove alternator Ford Mondeo 2004?

Sell the Mondeo and buy something nicer with a good alternator.

Does a mondeo ghia diesel January 02 have a belt or chain?

if your mondeo is a duratorq engine then it should have a camchain

Why does your 1999 mondeo judder when driving?

yeh funny that my 1999 mondeo has the same - did you find a solution at all? thanks

How do you fix isofix to a Ford Mondeo?

In the MK3 Mondeo on the back seat under the cover, you need to cut the drape.

When reliesed in india ford mondeo-?

The Ford Mondeo was first released in India in 2002 and has recently been relaunched.

What car company makes the Mondeo Zetec S?

The car company that makes the Mondeo Zetec S is Ford. You can easily find used Mondeo Zetec S online and it is an extremely affordable car for the family.

Flashing indicators on 1998 Ford Mondeo?

ford mondeo 1999 model indicators keep flashing &battery flattens

Where can you get an owners manual for Ford Mondeo? Use the 'Mirror' option. Is a 43Mb file

How do you Replace alternator on ford mondeo?

how do I remove the alternator off a 2001 mondeo. There seems to be a bolt stopping it?Type your answer here...

Mondeo ZETEC 2002 1.8 petrol does it have a timing chain or cambelt?

the 2002 mondeo 1.8 zetec has a chain not a belt

Will a mk2 mondeo front bumper fit on a mk1 mondeo?

No it won't I'm afraid, they're just too different.

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