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There is no way.

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Had work don on a vw passat hazard lights keep flashing when locked?

Why do my hazard lichts keep flashing when car is locked

Why do the hazard lights stay on in dashboard?

If you will notice the hazard lights are not actually flashing, reason being, the hazard flasher relay is defective. Replace it.

Where is turn signal relay in Chrysler 1996 Town Country?

After replacing the burned out turn signal bulb, turn on the hazard flasher and then turn off the hazard flasher. This will reset the flashing on the turn signal from super fast to standard flashing.

Why won't the hazard flasher on 2005 cobalt stop flashing?

Did you buy it used and had it been in an accident?

When you are in trouble use your hazard or flashing?

Lights or signals fits this 'fill in the blanks'-type question..

Blinker clicking on o4 alero?

Hi, Is your blinker actually flashing on and off? If not it may be your hazard switch. I had to replace mine.

Where is the hazard light switch on Honda CR-V 2002?

Prominently displayed on the dashboard - it is marked by a TRIANGLE. Push in to activate - push again to deactivate.

My hazard lights have come on and I cant switch them off on my Peugeot 406 diesel estate. I used the car last night and everything was fine. when i got up the hazard lights were flashing.?

check the interior switch for where.

How do you fix hazard signal and non flashing turn signals on a 98 Volvo S70?

change the relay. it works. cost was $80. part+service

1995 Buick Riviera No brake lights Switch on brake pedal is new fuses good the hazard light switch is broken you are told the brake light circuit goes through the hazard light switch?

Have you ever stepped on the brake when the flashers are flashing and see how they stop flashing? So yes the circuit does go thru the flasher, so replace that and see.

What does a flashing yellow traffic signal mean?

means nothing Wrong! It means caution. Something requires extra attention. At an intersection, a flashing circular yellow means to take extra caution, and watch for traffic on the cross road (which has a flashing red light). A flashing red light is the same as a stop sign. A flashing yellow arrow means you ma turn in the direction of the arrow, but you must yield to conflicting traffic. If the flashing yellow light is not at an intersection, it either calls attention to a road hazard on an accompanying sign, or indicates that a special regulation indicated on the sign is in effect (School speed limit 20 when flashing).

Your driving lights start flashing after you drive for a while?

Your owner's manual will list possible problems that such a signal can indicate. In addition be sure you did not accidentally turn the hazard lights on.

Hazard signals not working and turn signals not flashing in 94 Volvo 850?

More than likely this is caused by the relays. They are both the same relays and anywhere carries them.

Your hazard lights flash on their own in your Citroen Xsara Picasso?

If this occurs under heavy braking (i.e. ABS has kicked in), then the hazard lights will start flashing. They will turn themselves off after a few seconds of normal driving. If it occurs whilst generally driving along, it could be a bad connection in the hazard light switch, or something more technical inside the car itself.

What wrong with only third stop light works meanwhile hazard flusher and tail lights are working fine and when engine running third stop light always on and ABS warning flashing on Pontiac grand am 93?

never mind, i fixed it. it was just a bad hazard switch.

Why do the hazard lights come on in a dodge caravan when the side doors open?

It is a government required safety device. The flashing lights are supposed to warn other vehicles that a passenger is about to exit the vehicle.

Why are Hazards working but indicators not flashing on Audi tt?

It contains two relays, one for hazard lights and the other for turn signals. The one for the turn signals is defective and must be replaced.

What does the little button on top or the steering wheel column do on a Kia Sedona?

I don't know precisely about the Sedona, but generally the button on top of the steering column activates the flashing hazard lights.

Signs and symbols inside the laboratory?

animal hazard=sharp instrument hazard==heat hazard==glasses hazard==chemical hazard==electrical hazard==eye and face hazard==fire hazard==biohazard==laser radiation hazard==radioactive hazard==explosive hazard=

Why are hazard lights flashing while charging battery on ford fiesta lights flash a few times then stop for few secs then start again?

Theres a bad earth due to corrosion.

Interior and hazard lights flashing 1994 Chevy silverado just after start up then they go off there is also an audible clicking from under the dash on drivers side?

the indicator unit is stuffed

What are the different kinds of hazard?

physical hazard,mechanical hazard,chemical hazard,electric shock hazard,crt monitor high voltage hazard.

What type of hazard does Hazard Class 1?

Materials that have an explosive hazard are in Hazard Class 1.

What is the common hazard of slippery computer laboratory floor?

physical hazard

Are blue hazard lights street legal in the state of Maryland?

unless I'm wrong anything blue flashing is illegal on the car especially driving, i made mine blueish white and haven't gotten a problem with them

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