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YesAnswerQ: Do you still have the key with the chip in it?

A: Yes, I have the key with the chip.

Q: Now how do we get these cars to run again? I have a 1992, delta 88 with 180K miles, nobody would wnat to steel this old clunker any more, I just love it and need to keep it running withou spending a forture at the dealers. Any help on how to locate the module, how to replace parts, etc will be appreciated. All my fuses are good, does this system have a relay that could go bad?

A: Measure the resistance of the pellet in your key, A GM dealer will do this for free, i.e. 616 Ohms. (Make sure it is the original key that has started the car in the past). With this value go to radio shack and get a resistor that matches (very difficult to find one matching resistor) or put a series of resistors together, i.e. solder together a 330 Ohm, a 220 Ohm, a 22 Ohm, a 22 Ohm, and a 22 Ohm resistor one after another to make a 616 Ohm resistor, or a 330 Ohm and a 220 Ohm resistor to make a 550 Ohm resistor. Whatever the resistance of the pellet in your key, is the resistor you will have to find (or make by soldering a series of resistors together).

Now under the dash cut the 2 wires out of the plug that would have connected to your lock cylinder (White and black wire& purple and white wire), now solder the resistor between the 2 wires DONE.

Make sure you place electrical tape over the connections and over any soldered resistors so it does not touch any part of the car body (ground).

If you are not certain which wires, then you will have to remove your steering wheel, air bag, turn signal switch, hazard switch, and ignition cylinder. Cut the two white wires to leading to the ignition cylinder and solder one end of your resistor (or series of resistors) to one wire and the other end to the other wire. You will need two specialty tools to remove your steering wheel, one pulls the steering wheel, the other compresses a spring so you can remove a clip (just ask the Discount Auto Parts or AutoZone guy/gal for the two tools you need to remove your steering wheel/column). You'll never be stranded again.

P.S. I did this to a 1996 Oldsmobile 88 (eighty eight)

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Q: How do you deactivate the pass key ii security system on a 1993 Oldsmobile eighty eight royale?
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