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How do you deal with LSD cravings?



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I didnt trip on LSD until i was almost 23 years old and during a six month span i tripped quite a few number of times. Probably over 20. and therein lies the problem. i loved LSD so much that when my connect dried up (and with LSD it will without notice without promise of return) i did get depressed. Not like "Oh I have to gobble up anything that looks like blotter" but more of a quick goodbye to an old friend never to return.

I would advise you to stop thinking about acid. Start working out. Perform a self evaluation as to why you enjoyed taking the strongest hallucinogenic substance known to humankind and find something more constructive to do with your time.

I havent tripped in three years and I looked for it every weekend for almost a year after i ran out. But the thing is i would and will do it again.

Just remember this. and i am sure that any other space cadets out there will agree.